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I thought we were done with poetry for the rest of the year, but throwing this at me has been like a smack in the face. Basically how this whole school year has been so far. But anyway back to talking about another poem. My first impression on The Dodo’s Conundrum was no different than how I feel about a lot of poems. It seems like it has a very deep meaning behind it, but I have no clue what everything in that poem means. The poem was kind of boring and hard to interpret. If I’m being honest, I don’t know what theme is to this poem but it’s probably something depressing. I’m going to assume that the theme is that everyone wishes to live in a perfect world, but they have to face reality. I don’t even know.

The whole poem is confusing in my opinion. My first question is why does the narrator wish to live in a perfect world? I feel like that would be extremely boring is everything was perfect. Like no crime, no differences, everything would basically be the same. Also, why do they talk about mermaids? I’m confused about that too. When the narrator says, “I look upon my little world”, are they still talking about the model train or are they talking about daydreaming? It could be both but I have no clue.

Answering those questions for The Dodo’s Conundrum were a lot harder than answering them for Eldorado were. I feel like Eldorado was just easier because we had a slight understanding about it. Like what the heck is a Dodo’s Conundrum. All I know is that a dodo is some type of prehistoric bird.

Writing poetry hasn’t really helped me read and analyze poems any better than before if you want me to be real with you. I was so confused reading this the whole time except for the first stanza. That was the easiest couple of lines to read , after that everything started going downhill. It probably would’ve helped a lot better if we went over this in class, we could put our input in and have a better understanding of The Dodo’s Conundrum.