No more poetry!!!

I’m excited that we are not going to be talking about poetry anymore because it’s boring and extremely hard to write because you have to think a lot about different things. My perception hasn’t really changed except for that fact that I can’t write poetry to save my life. Some people weren’t born to write poetry and I seem to be one of those people. Writing poetry with requirements was harder then I thought it would be because I actually have to think about how it should be written and how to make it not sound or look dumb. Multiple things from my first poem to writing my second poem such as, the topic and the things I said in it. The first poem made me think harder because I didn’t really know how to shape it into a good poem. Also, when writing the second poem it was easier to rhyme words together and get a good rhythm out of it. My second poem was about someone I don’t like at all. They’re just a rude and angry person so I took all my anger and put it into a poem about how they irritate me and how much I dislike them.

I don’t even know if my poem would be more meaningful if it had visuals because you could honestly visualize most of things in your head if you really wanted too. I feel like it was written so you could visualize it, but if it was put into a visual type of thing I would have things like the different animals, fire, and some clowns in it. It could help people understand the true meaning and also interpret the poem better with images. Also, adding imagery to poems can help kids become interested in poems because they might not know what it means, but the pictures could help them. They could also add meaning to the way the poem sounds by how the narrator’s voice sounds or if it’s a male or female. Also, by the how fast or slow the person speaks and how the rhythm sounds.


I don’t know how I’m supposed to talk about poetry if I don’t even like it. My reasoning for not liking to read poetry is having to take it apart and figure out what each line means and some of the poems that teachers pick out are sometimes not relatable at all and pretty boring. Any poems that I read (if I read any at all)  are relating to how I’m feeling or what I’m going through which brings more meaning to me. My reaction wasn’t anything new, all that was going through my head was “we’re going to have to break this apart and find out what it means”. We had to do that but we also had to find the rhythm of the poem and if it was stressed or unstressed.  The poems that we read weren’t painful to read, I just wasn’t that interested in them. Edgar Allan Poe has a unique way of writing poems that makes you want to know the actual meaning of some of his work. The analysis / discussion of Eldorado in class made it easier for me to understand the poem better than when I was doing the questions and trying to break it down by myself. It helped me understand the rhyme pattern and what he means for each stanza and what some of the symbols in the poem were. In my poem, I’m writing about my dog that just passed away last week. It’s going to be happy in the beginning, like when we first got her and how exciting and new everything was. Then the second part of the poem is going to be about her last days and how sad everything was when we lost her. It’s going to be depressing, but it’ll be a good poem. The most difficult part of writing this poem is trying to get the correct amount of syllables for each line and make the rhythm flow smoothly. Also, it’s pretty hard figuring out what words rhyme with each end word in the poem and making sure they all end either stressed or unstressed.