Blog 16: Civil Disobediance

I think that I lean towards both sides of the statement, “that government is best which governs least”. In the excerpt, Thoreau argues that the government should not be involved in the citizens lives at all. The citizens should be able to do what they want and not have the government over top of them all the time. I am not 100% sure if I agree with this. If the government were to govern less, would that mean that the laws would not be as strict? If this were to happen then maybe there would be more crimes because people would feel as if they do not want to follow them. On the other hand though, I believe that government has too much power and is not helping society as much as they could be. I feel as if the government is too involved in our everyday lives, we should be able to have more privacy and freedom. Our government should be working in order to help the people and our economy. The type of government that would get my respect is one that would be respect me and the citizens. The people should be able to speak their mind and be able to live their lives without worrying that the government is invading their privacy. I also think that the government should be willing to protect it’s people and demand equality. People in higher power should not be trying to take advantage of lower classes just because they do not have as much money or as much “power”. I think that civil disobedience is used today to protect the people from corrupt governments. That is why is the U.S. we are able to vote for who we want to be in the government. If we do not like who is in charge then we vote for who we want to be. Another way to change our government or other things we do not agree with, is to protest. Many of the protest that we have are peaceful. When I went to the Women’s March 3 years ago, it as very peaceful just like the protests that Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. had. Some protests can turn violent though. The reasons why they turn violent is because the government may not care about what the people are protesting about. I think that civil disobedience can be effective if it is done the right way and not harmful to the people.

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