Debate Topic

The debate topic that I received was the Border Wall. For the debate I have to argue against the border wall. This is my personal position on the topic, I feel as if we should not be building the wall. People believe that building the wall will keep drugs out, but I feel as if this is not the case. It does not matter if we have the wall or not, drugs are still apart of our society and they will still be available for people to use. Another reason is that people want to keep illegal immigrants out of the country because they feel as if it is not safe. When you google the border wall there are a lot of complaints about Trump and how much money the wall is going to cost. Another thing that pops up is how the government is on a shut down because they would not give Trump the money to build the wall. I feel as if it will be easier for me to debate this topic because I do not agree with the border wall. The cost is the main concern with building the border wall. It is estimated to cost around $40 billion. If people want to keep out illegal immigrants that badly, I am sure we can think of a cheaper way to do so. Most of the immigrants that are coming into the U.S. are trying to escape danger and poverty. Instead of forcing these people away, we should be willing to help them to start better lives. We assume that just because someone comes from Mexico, or anywhere else in the south, they are bad people or drug dealers that we should stay away from. The ethical concern with the wall is that we are trying to keep people from different countries out of our country. This is a big concern because immigration is very important for our nations growth. Immigrants take the jobs that people from our country do not want to take. Citizens complain that illegal immigrants are taking away their jobs, but these are the jobs that they did not want in the first place. They also do not want to pay taxes for people that have entered the U.S. legally. I understand that people do not want to spend their money on others, but these people have come to the U.S. for a reason. We are more privileged than a lot of the immigrants, so we should be willing to help others in need. This in turn will help our economy grow more and more in the future. Emotions can be brought into this debate for either side because I feel as if this topic is strongly your emotional and ethical views. You just need to remember that you need to base the debate off of facts and not your own opinions.

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I think that an ideal topic for a debate would be on abortion. Should it be legal or illegal? I think that this topic is very widespread and that everyone has their own opinion on it. The one side would be pro-choice: people who believe that women have the right to decide what they want to do with their body’s. The other side would be pro-life: people who think that abortion is murder. I am definitely pro-choice because I believe that women should be able to do whatever they want to with their body and no one else (especially men) should get to decide for them.

My school year is not going so bad. Even though my schedule is kind of hard I would not change it. I really enjoy the classes I am taking this year. I also like having a study hall at the end of each day because I can get most of my work done if I am feeling stressed. Another thing I enjoy is my lunch. I have 7 lunch and it is perfect because it is not too early in the day or too late. I also cannot wait for gym to start because everyone has been saying pretty good things about it. Since my psych class is really hard I would like to improve my grades in their. It is by far my hardest class this year. My studying habits need to change a bit for me to do better in there. It is pretty weak right now. I am on vacation right now, so since I have extra time to catch up and that class and study more I am going to try to take advantage of the time. Every night I am trying to do my review and also study a little. I am also trying to keep up with my other classes because I do not want to be behind when I get back to school. The thing that is preventing me from making this change is probably because I am on vacation…duhhhh, but I am really trying. I feel as if I am cramming it in at the end which I really should not be because that is what I am trying to change.

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How To Be A Decent Human Being 101

When I first started this experiment it was kind of hard. Before this, I never really thought about my actions and words as much. It took me a day or two to really get the hang of it, making it easier to do. The top three virtues that were the easiest for me were cleanliness, temperance, and order. I feel as if cleanliness should be the easiest for everyone because it is not that difficult to do and does not involve a lot of thinking, you just do it. Temperance was also easy for me because I do not tend to overeat or over drink a lot. I feel as if I have a pretty balanced diet, so it is fairly effortless. My day usually consists of an order too. Everyday went as I thought it would, except on Thursday. I was supposed to have training on Thursday, but I could not go because there was an accident on Route 11. So this discombobulated my schedule for the rest of the day. The main virtue that I violate the most would probably be industry. I waste several hours of my day on my phone looking at things that are not beneficial at all. I feel as if this does not just affect me though, a lot of people tend to be on their phone for a decent amount of time. Two other things that I broke were silence and justice. These were not broken as much as industry though. Silence was broken because there is a lot of gossip that goes around our school and sometimes (even though I may not want to) I get involved. I want to listen in and know what is going on. This leads to justice because it can hurt other people when you are talking about them behind their backs. I admit that there are some virtues that I broke, but I am still trying everyday to be a better person. I think that learning about Franklin’s Virtues was very beneficial because it made people think about their actions/words more closely and try to change to be a nicer person.

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More Poetry: The Dodo’s Conundrum

When I read the title to the poem, I was not expecting it to be what it was about. The topic of this poem was more in depth/serious in a way. I thought it would be easy and kind of funny. The first time I read through the poem I did not really understand what was happening. All the words were kind of a blur and went right over my head. When I talked about it with my table though, I started to put pieces together and they made more sense. I feel like Eldorado was an easier poem to analyze. I feel like the reason it was easier was because it was shorter and I could pick out what was going on earlier in the poem. The questions I had to answer for Dodo’s Conundrum were not  that hard, but I felt as if Eldorado was easier for me. Overall, I think I known the meaning of Dodo’s Conundrum, but there are still some things in the poem that I do not understand or know. When I read it there were some confusing words, but I just googled them so that helped me more too. The part that confuses me the most in the poem is probably the second stanza. I am confused as to what the author is trying to tell us here. The words just kind of mush together in my head and do not make sense. After this stanza though, everything else makes sense. I really like this poem because it describes how we may want a world were nothing goes wrong, no pain or crimes, but not everything can be perfect. If everything was perfect or how we wanted it to be then life would not be interesting. That is what I think this theme is as well; we can work hard to achieve something, but we do not always succeed in the end. After I wrote my own two poems, it changes the way I read other poems. When I read other people I try to take it stanza by stanza and look more in depth to what the author is telling us. What the author is telling us, is sometimes hidden beneath the words they use. In the end though, I really enjoyed this poem. I give it an 8/10 rating.

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Blog 9: My Take On Poetry

Overall, I do not think my view on poetry has changed that much. I have a better understanding of it which makes me enjoy it more, but I would not sit down to read poetry willingly. Some things I still do not understand, but it is less confusing. What we learned in class made me realize that writing poetry was a lot harder than I thought it was. Everything has to follow certain rules. They need to have the same amount of syllables and follow the same rhythm patterns. It really made me understand how hard this was when we had to write our own poems. When I started to write my first one I just wrote freely and did not follow any rules, but then went back through to fix what needed to be. Writing the second poem was a lot easier because I had a better idea of how it was supposed to be written. I enjoy writing my own poems rather than reading them. Most poems I read I still do not understand, so writing my own is easier and more fun. Both of the poems that I wrote were funny and carefree. I do not have it in me to write a serious poem, it is easier for me to write things that are not so intense. I can be more imaginative and creative this way.  My first poem was about my car. It is a 1998 blue ford escort. It was a funny poem and easier to write about because it is so old. I decided my second poem would be even more funny. I had about 2 topics before I chose my final one. It was about a toilet and was pretty funny I thought. There was a lot to write about and I thought it would be different than everyone else’s.

Adding visual elements to my second poem would probably make it really weird, but you might be able to make it more funny that way. Even though visual elements might be weird for my poem they would work for other peoples. I personally love images that are connected to poems because it shows me what the writers are trying to explain to me and in what way they are trying to show me. I feel like overall visual elements would be a cool thing to add to our poems because it is like they are coming to life and would be interpreted differently.

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I found a poem when we were looking through the books in class one day. It was the poem I chose to read when we had to make a vlog. It was very short, but had a lot of meaning to it. It talked about a woman who was scared that her husband was going to leave her when she was not as youthful. I like when poems are not that long because when they are I lose focus and I sometimes do not understand what is being said. I think poetry is a really cool way for people to express their emotions and it into a story. I feel like I do not have that many experiences in my life though so I can not think of any serious topics to write about. The one thing that I do not like about poetry though is that it has to follow certain guidelines. It has to have the same pattern and it makes it hard to write. I liked Eldorado because it was not a hard poem to understand, but it had a lot of meaning. I thought the meaning of the poem was that you can try your hardest to find the thing you want, but you will not always find it. Apparently Edgar Allen Poe’s meaning was about how he wants to find love, but he can not find it. This poem made sense when I read it by myself, but when we analyzed it in class it was more clear. There were little details that we talked about in class, like about the meaning of the shadows, and I never would of thought of those things by myself. Writing my own poem is helping me understand stanzas more and the rhythm patterns that it needs to follow. In the notes that we took I did not understand the rhythm and syllables of poetry, but writing my own poem shows me what I have to do and why poets have to follow these “rules”. For my poem I am writing about my car. I have a 1998 ford escort, so it is pretty old and sort of ugly. I could not think of a serious topic to write about, so I decided to write about all the funny things my car has to offer.

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My Reaction: It’s Not Like It’s A Secret

The second book that I read for this quarter was It’s Not Like It’s A Secret by Misa Sugiura. I really liked this book. It was very different than most books that I have read in the past. Even though it was a teen love story, it had a different twist to it. The reason that I decided to read this book was because I was looking up books on Goodreads and this was one that popped up. I read the summary for it and it sounded interesting so I decided to give it a try. The main character Sana used to live in Wisconsin, but she moved to California when her dad got a new job. I was very happy that she moved to California because her friends back in Wisconsin made little comments about how she is Asian and different from the rest of her friends. I also liked that Sana was a lesbian because it added more of a modern day approach and all of her new friends in California were okay with her liking girls. In the beginning of the book when Sana still lived in Wisconsin she felt like her dad is having an affair and that was why he was always going to out to California. She suspected it more after they moved. I did not think that her dad was having an affair or if he was I expected everything to work out in the end and he would stop seeing the other women. This did not happen though and Sana’s mom knew all along that her husband was having an affair. The mom accepted it because her and her husband got married so young and they were not really in love, he loved another woman….and that was the woman he was having an affair with. In Sana’s, parents culture divorce was looked down on and that is why her parents never got a divorce and they wanted to stay together for Sana. When she moved out to California and started her new school, a kid named Caleb started to talk to her and show interest. He would always call her over during lunch so he could talk to her and would also offer to give her rides to certain places. She never told him that she was attracted to girls though, so he started to like her. I feel like Sana should have told Caleb sooner because she led him on and it hurt Caleb that she did not tell him. At the end of the book though he forgives her and they just become very good friends. The ending was really good because her parents were also okay with her liking girls and still loved her. Her family also did not have any huge conflicts and everyone was okay with how their family was. I probably empathized with Sana the most because she moved to a different state and didn’t know anyone there. Even though I didn’t move to a whole new state I still transferred to the high school after I was done at St. Joe’s in Danville. Before I started at the high school I knew some people there, but it was a different environment and a lot more people. So I know how Sana felt a little bit even though it was not the exact same situation. I thought this was a very good book and it was very touching. I feel like people should read this book because it makes you wonder what the ending will be like and if Sana’s parents/friends will be accepting of her or not. The book also emphasizes on the fact that it is okay if you are a lesbian and people should not make such a big deal about it. We should all be accepting because it does not harm anyone around us, in the end it is just love.

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My Reaction: Lord of Shadows

The first book that I read this quarter was called Lord of Shadows and it is written by Cassandra Clare. This is the second book in the Lady Midnight series and I loved both of the books. The reason I read this book was because I read the two other books series that Cassandra Clare wrote and I enjoyed reading those books as well. The two other book series are called the ‘Mortal Instruments’ and the ‘Infernal Devices’. I recommend those books as well. One of the main reasons I started to read these books were because my friend Morgan really liked them and told me to start reading them so we could start talking about the books and what happens in them. I am really glad that I took her advice because I love all of these series and they are probably my favorite books. In the book I was not expecting Malcolm Fade to come back to life. In the first book, Emma ‘kills’ him and they all expect his body to be lost out in the sea somewhere. In the Lord of Shadows, Malcolm comes back to Los Angeles and kills a blackthorn to raise is love, Annabel, from the dead. I did not expect Annabel to kill Malcolm when she woke from the dead though, that was very surprising to me. One thing that made me frustrated in the beginning was how Emma and Julian had to pretend that they were not in love with each other. I understood why they couldn’t tell each other because they are parabatai and there was a curse on them if they expresses their feelings to one another. Emma pretended that she was dating Mark, Julian’s brother, so that Julian would lose feelings for her and they could move on. Towards the end of the book I was happier though because Emma and Julian become more powerful together through their parabatai runes and they tell each that they still have feelings for one another and they were just trying to hide them.In the beginning of the book I thought that Ty and Livvy would become parabatai in the end and everything would be better between them. I was not expecting Livvy to die and I felt really bad for Ty because he was broken. He probably felt as if it was his fault because if he would have become parabatai with her sooner than he could have been able to protect her and she wouldn’t of died. It was frustrating because I knew how they felt about each other, but they had to hide it. The character that I empathized with the most in the book would probably be Drusilla, or Dru for short. I empathize with her positively because I know what it feels like for her to be left out of some situations. When I was a little younger I was not involved in a lot of things with my brothers because I was younger than them and also a girl. In the book Dru is being left out of a lot of things because she is still young and people think that she will get hurt if she goes with the rest of her siblings on certain adventures. I feel like people that don’t mind fantasy stories should read this book. A lot of people just base it off the fact that it is a fantasy story with demons, fairies, vampires, and werewolves. The book has more to it than just that though. There is everyday complications that happen in families and also romance between a variety of characters through out the whole book.

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Reading and More Reading

My short story did not change that much. I had to change some parts on how the story was laid out, but it follows the same story line. When I first started to think of my story and write about it I was going to use different characters and a different setting, but it was going to be similar to the one that I actually wrote. The reason I changed it was because I felt like my first option would have been too hard to write about and also make it long enough. The thing that I am going to have to change most is probably the timing in my story because I feel like the time goes very quickly, but then again I do not want the story to drag on. I am also going to have to go back through and check my dialogue and make sure that it is accurate. As I am reading I will have to check over my grammar too. I like that my story is different and not a cheesy romance story. I am not really sure that my story is written out perfectly though. I think that the story ties together, but I am not sure. That is one thing that bothers me about my story.

The first book I read for the quarter I really enjoyed. The book was called ‘Lord of Shadows’ by Cassandra Clare. I loved a lot of the other books she wrote so I decided to read her last series as well. Cassandra’s writing has made me love this genre of books. I never thought I would enjoy them, but how she writes it makes me never want to stop reading. She ties together romance and comedy that I really like and makes the story more enjoyable. I also liked how this story was taken place in so many different settings. The reason I liked this was because you get to know different characters and how they interact with each other. I am not sure what book I am going to be reading next. I think I am going to try to pick a book that has a different genre and writing style. I want to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

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Blog 5: Uh Oh Spaghettio

The six word short story that I chose to base my story off of was “ ‘Wrong number,’ ” says a familiar voice.” I chose this six word short story because I thought I could write an eerie story based off of it. When I first started to think of ideas for my short story I was going to have different characters and a different theme. It was originally going to be set at a college with two roommates. I changed it because I was not sure if my story would be long enough and still keep people interested. I feel like my new idea is going to be a lot more engaging.

My story is about this couple who adopts this kid, Maddox, from a foster care system because they are not able to have children. The boy they adopt is about 13 and was born a psychological disorder. The couple knows this before they adopt him, but want to give someone a home who need a lot of love and support. When he first moves into their house he spends the first couple of days getting comfortable. One day he takes the dog, Bentley, on a walk. He comes home without the dog and tells his new parents that the dog ran off into the woods. When the dad was searching the woods he found the dog, dead. A couple of days later the mom was cleaning the house while her husband was at work and her son was at school. She was putting away Maddox’s clothes and found a bunch of drawings taped to his closet walls. The pictures were dark and creepy. She found a picture of what she assumed was their dead dog. She tells her husband when he gets home and they agree to call Maddox’s doctor. They ask his doctor to look more into his medical history and to make sure he is still taking his medicine. The next night the mom decides to watch a movie with the boy while her husband is at work. When she was done making popcorn she walked back into the living room. She noticed that Maddox was not in their and assumed he was just using the bathroom. She sat down on the couch to wait for him. He came up from behind her and cut her neck. When the dad got home he heard the TV on in the living room and went to go see if his wife and Maddox were in there. He found his wife on the floor with blood all over her. He started to cry and yell. He was searching the house for Maddox and found him huddled up in the corner. Maddox was telling him how he heard noises downstairs and hid. The dad called the police and the kid killed him while he was on the phone. There was a call coming from the dads phone and the caller ID was Doctor Fritz. He heard the doctor say that Maddox was not taking his medicine and to seek help. Maddox responds, “Wrong number”. That is the last thing that is going to be said and it will leave the readers wanting more and curious as to what will happen to Maddox.

Writing a story has made me understand that there is a lot of thought that has to go into the story. You need to have conflicts that will make the reader involved and leave them wanting more.

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