Citizen Kane

I thought the film was kind of pointless, to be honest. The whole premise was a reporter trying to find out the significance of rosebud Kane’s final words. On the reporter’s journey with interviewing people in Kane’s life, we learn that Kane led and unfulfilling life that was full of money and material things. Right before you think the movies over we see his childhood sled with the word rosebud on it. This was supposed to represent the fact that he hasn’t felt love since his parents, but even they gave him up. I feel that we didn’t need to know what rosebud was to conclude that Kane led a life with the absence of love and meaning. The way the film was made was good, but I found many of the characters annoying. For instance, the character of Susan Alexander was very annoying and her relationship with Kane was unhealthy. He was using her for I am not sure what purpose since she wasn’t even a good singer. Some parts of the film were confusing and the meaning they were trying to convey was lost on me. It brought us through a man’s whole life just to end with the fact that it was empty. I think the commentary on the American Dream is that money and success do not bring happiness. Since Kane was so successful he ended up pushing all of his friends away and marrying women for the wrong reasons. At the beginning of the film, he was a good person who had a declaration of principles and wanted to run the newspaper for joy instead of money. The world corrupted him and turned him into a horrible person. I think this reflects the fact that even when things seem great from the outside, things can be awful for the person. Charles can’t be happy because he will never have love again. After his parents gave him away for money and fame he realized that no one in life matters or cares about him. Walter Thatcher the man who raised him influenced him to become power hungry and rich. His first wife Emily Notan showed him that you can’t have success and have a healthy relationship. He was using her since she was the niece of the president but she just wanted someone to love. His second wife was the final straw where he realized that he was a bad person and he used people. He claimed he would change but Susan was too unhappy. The final shot of all of his material things shows that he had everything in life but love.

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