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“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” is about a man who is trying to find someone to love but doesn’t think he is good enough. He talks about the tiers of society and how he isn’t good enough for the high-class women of society. He discusses a lot about his fear of rejection, but his hope for love. The theme throughout the story of the yearning for love, but the passiveness towards the people in his life continues until he can no longer take it. The poem ends with him talking about the mermaids not singing to him and the inevitable drowning. This shows the despair he feels for his situation. “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” is about the main character sailor who dreams of good things because his life is so awful. The poem reflects the loneliness of the author and the colors show that the world isn’t unique or full of color. The author mentions “white-night gowns” which show the boringness of people and life. “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” has the theme of life and death. It talks about marriage, children, and death. “Anyone” in the poem represents males and “Everyone” represents females. The distinction of these labels is meant to show the contrast of the roles of males and females in society. The author mentions the seasons to show the passage of time and in the conclusion of the poem, it talks about “sun moon stars rain” which represents life. The three poems all relate to society and the despair the characters feel towards their situations. The poem that relates the most to our society is “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” because it is still a problem in society. It is not a problem in the same way because the time period affected the poem, but the idea of love being a scary concept and people being from different backgrounds is applicable. I liked “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” because it was the easiest to understand. The themes discussed in it like roles, life, and death made sense to the message of the poem.

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