I have some experience with satire and humor. My family loves watching SNL together and many of the skits have topical humor as well as satire involved. My favorite skits are when they make fun of politicians. The best skit ever is when Kate McKinnon plays Jeff sessions and pretends to be a possum. Click below if you want to be entertained.


One of my favorite types of humor is stand-up or the self-deprecating humor that many comedians use. I went to the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal and got to see many stand up comedians like Fortune Feimster, Tiffany Haddish, and Amy Schumer. Many of them use stories from their lives to make people laugh as well as using satire on current events. I recently saw Pete Davidson and John Mullaney and one of the funniest jokes they made all night was when they mentioned Trump and brought up the fact that there isn’t much to comment on because the whole situation is ridiculous. This was a good use of satire in making fun of our president. I think the best kind of comedy is when people make fun of themselves. People use personal anecdotes from their lives to make people laugh. I do not enjoy dark humor or bodily humor. The point of humor is to make people laugh and watch people being silly, not to be disgusting and pessimistic. Sometimes comedians go for the shock factor of bringing up something controversial and that doesn’t always work out. I think in general people should stick to classic humor. I don’t know much about Mark Twain, but I know that he uses satire in his books a lot. After doing some research I found out many interesting things about Mark Twain. For example, Mark Twain is just a pen name and his real name is Samuel Clemens. He is best known for his books The Adventures of  Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; strangely similar titles. He was not only an author but he was also a riverboat pilot and an inventor! His childhood and the town he grew up in influenced many of his stories’ settings.

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