Vertigo Review

My initial thoughts about hearing we were going to watch Vertigo is that it was going to be a boring movie that has a paper along with it. After reading more about the movie including the plot line it still wasn’t very appealing. When we started the movie it was very slow, but I still enjoyed the characters. My favorite character is Midge who is in love with the main character Johnny or Scotty. I like her character because she’s funny, independent, and a fashion designer. As the plot progressed I began to dislike Johnny even more. He was falling in love with his friend’s wife! His character also seems very needy and selfish. When he first meets Madeline and rescues her from the water he creepily brings her back to his house. From their first interactions, there was a weird vibe between Johnny and Madeline. The plot started to pick up and gets juicier. The most devastating thing in the movie is when Midge catches Madeline leaving Johnny’s house. Then Johnny and Madeline have a very strange and disgusting relationship. This part of the movie is too cliche where she claims they can’t be together and he wants to try to fix her. Their relationship really puts a damper on this movie. Then predictably Madeline commits suicide and Johnny becomes depressed and heartbroken even though he has literally only known her for a couple of days! Of course, Midge goes and supports Johnny while he’s depressed after not being able to save the love of his life. The plot gets even crazier after Johnny keeps seeing women that look like Madeline very creepily. He meets a woman Judy Barton who was hired to act like Madeline. This is the woman that Johnny fell in love with not Madeline the women he was supposed to predict. This part was shocking because that meant the whole plot about Carlotta was made up all over money. Judy is about to go on a date with Johnny which is creepy because she knows about their previous relationship even though he doesn’t. I think this movie withstands modern times because the plot is interesting and has just enough cheesiness. The only thing I feel like doesn’t work is the aspect of vertigo because it seems like it should be a major portion of the movie but it’s not.

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