Civil Disobedience

I agree with the phrase, “that government is best which governs least,” because governments shouldn’t be about the power of one or two people it should be about the needs of society. I feel that governments with autocratic leaders are never successful because there is to much power held by the government. Even our own U.S. government has too much power like the power to drop an atomic bomb on another country. The government should be put in place to create rules but then it is up to the people on how they will live by them. The government has the role of basically controlling everything in our lives. It controls laws, defense, public safety, education, and everything you can think of that you interact with on a daily basis. Obviously having a stable government is important but I feel that it is sometimes too involved in its people’s affairs. The kind of government that demands my respect would be one that considers the citizen’s thoughts and ideas and respects their privacy. Most governments have the power to control their citizens lives in every way. Sometimes it’s a good thing that our government is so intuned so that people who are going to try to bad things can be watched, but then there is the privacy of everyday people that concerns me. Also, the fact that the government controls so much like our information and health care is concerning because if it gets into the wrong hand’s bad things can happen. For instance, there has been speculation that Russia’s government hacked into our government and tampered with the election. This just shows how much power they have. I think the role of civil disobedience is to follow the rules that are necessary like don’t murder others, but when it comes to how you live your life it should be by your own conscience. Rules and laws are continuously changing as people challenge them based on their own beliefs. Civil disobedience is an effective way when done properly to make changes in society. For instance, if Martin Luther King Jr. hadn’t protested against laws that discriminated against African Americans our world would be a very different place.

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