Thoreau’s Attempt

Thoreau and Emerson have many similarities in their beliefs about nature. Emerson believed that nature influenced our emotions greatly and Thoreau believed that immersing yourself in nature influenced your life for the better and can make you happier. Emerson also has many similar beliefs to Thoreau about society. Emerson believed that society negatively affects people and that you shouldn’t care what others think about you. Thoreau believed something similar and thought it was better to be away from society and that you will never be happy unless you have less. In the section Where I lived, and What I lived for Thoreau explains how his things aren’t bringing him joy and instead are a burden. He experiences nature and seclusion and describes it as a positive thing. Then in The Conclusion, Thoreau mentions he is going to stop his experiment because he has reached a state of happiness. He realizes that life should be lived simply and on your own terms. He offers advice to people who may have less as well. The benefits of leaving society to live in the woods experiment shows Thoreau that you don’t need material things to be happy. He also reaches a sense of peace because he realizes life should be about yourself and not pleasing others. I would miss talking to people and having a normal routine. I enjoy talking to others and getting advice and feedback. I also feel like I wouldn’t want to do anything like take care of myself because there would be no one around me that would care. I don’t think I could survive by myself in nature. I am not very good at building fires and being self-sufficient and stuff like that. I would just get very lonely and end up going back to society as soon as possible. A modern person can take the idea of simplicity from transcendentalism. The main idea is that you need to rely on things like your self and nature to reach a set of happiness and peace. It also preaches a lot about your soul reflecting your environment and your self. It also supports the idea of human nature being essentially good and is a positive idea.

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