Civil Disobedience

I agree with the phrase, “that government is best which governs least,” because governments shouldn’t be about the power of one or two people it should be about the needs of society. I feel that governments with autocratic leaders are never successful because there is to much power held by the government. Even our own […]

Thoreau’s Attempt

Thoreau and Emerson have many similarities in their beliefs about nature. Emerson believed that nature influenced our emotions greatly and Thoreau believed that immersing yourself in nature influenced your life for the better and can make you happier. Emerson also has many similar beliefs to Thoreau about society. Emerson believed that society negatively affects people […]

End of Argument

Overall my thoughts and opinions in regards to debating have not changed very much. The major thing that I learned from this unit is how to identify others fallacies in their arguments. The 30 seconds of fallacies activity was a good way to show real-life scenarios of the fallacies. In everyday arguments, they are present […]