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My topic for the debate is the pro side for the border wall. Personally, I don’t agree with this side at all. Right now the government is on a 24-day shutdown regarding funding for the border wall. Trump’s campaign for the presidency was centered around his promise for border security. The plan is to have a fence or wall that spans along the U.S. and Mexico border. Trump thinks that Mexico should have to pay for the wall, but they have refused too. The purpose of the wall is to prevent drug trafficking and illegal immigration. When you google the border wall the top stories that come up are all criticizing the wall. Many people criticize the wall due to the extravagant cost and the environmental impact. It is going to be difficult to take the logical approach just because I sincerely don’t believe what I am talking about and the whole thing is just ridiculous. Some reasons it benefits the U.S. is it will reduce cost because there will need to be less security at the border. It will also prevent illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.,┬áhuman trafficking, and drug smuggling. There are portions of the border that have no security. The ethical issue for the wall is that it is creating a barrier to keep people from other countries out. Our country is built on immigration and they perform jobs that no one else wants to do. It’s good because it is the first step toward controlling immigration. Illegal immigration is a problem in the U.S. because they are using resources and taking jobs from Americans. Trump claims that drugs are pouring into our country and people with medical difficulties are pouring into our country and infecting us. There is also the problem of terrorists coming into the country through holes in our security. Trump claims that they have caught 10 terrorists coming in through the Mexico border. People want open borders, but they don’t take into account the negative impact that would have on citizens of the U.S. This debate is going to prove to very difficult because everything I just said can be disproven because Donald Trump is a hypocrite that tweets one thing and says another. It is very difficult to find solid facts regarding this topic.

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