The Dodo’s Conundrum

The Dodo’s Conundrum was an enjoyable poem to read because it was not to hard to decipher. The title is revealing because it means “having wings, but not being able to fly”. This describes the poem well because the author is living in a perfect world but he is still unhappy. It is the concept of having everything you could ever want, but not doing anything about it. I think the theme is if you want to change your own experience you have to change your patterns. I am still a bit confused about the concept of the model world, yet him seeing problems with it. Does the author literally mean that he is living in a model world or is he comparing his life to toys? I am confused about the contrast he creates between appreciating the model world and hating it at the same time. He may have done it like this to show the confusion he feels because everything is perfect yet he is not happy with it. This story keeps making think of that movie that is coming out “Welcome to Marwen” with Steve Carell. “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was easier to analyze than “Eldorado”. The author of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” created a better story and after writing our own poems it is easier to find the rhyme scheme. The words he used were more obvious as well and the symbols made sense. The cliff notes at the bottom also helped because the references made the theme more obvious. “Eldorado” had the concept of the shadow which I didn’t really understand. In every stanza, the shadow represented something different and I didn’t realize that until we discussed it as a class. After writing poetry I have a new appreciation for the process. It made me kind of depressed to find out that you wrote this poem in 30 minutes and we all thought it was a real poem. This poem had the right amount of deeper meaning and easy to understand concepts. The reference to a model train or town was a good symbol of a perfect world, but wanting more. This is a concept that everyone can relate too.

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