My negative outlook on poetry hasn’t changed since the unit began. I still think poetry can be lovely but it is so hard to decipher that there isn’t a point to it. I think understanding poetry is the hardest part of the process. The actual writing of poetry was not terrible because I enjoy the rhyme scheme and rhythm portion of it. Every single time I write poetry I feel like I sound stupid and like I am trying to be deep. I would rather write a funny poem than write a deep one about love or death. My first poem was easier to write because it was funny, but my second poem was supposed to be deeper and about swimming. The first poem was also easier to write because Lilly was helping me and my rhyme scheme was simple, I’m pretty sure I had a free verse poem at one point.┬áIn the end, the theme of the second poem didn’t really come together. At first, it was going to be about drowning, but then it turned into a dream about winning a race of swimming. At the end of the poem, you realize it was all a dream and it’s supposed to be sad. I wrote about this theme because I am a swimmer and I try hard and all but everyone that swims is really good and end up beating me. I really enjoyed watching the videos of the poems. It made them so much easier to understand and actually enjoyable. In my second poem, the visuals would aid with picturing someone swimming and the visual comparison of a dolphin. It would also be cool because it would be clear that in the end it was all just a dream. My first poem would have been funny with visuals because it was about the dentist. The visuals do a good job of creating vivid images and showing imagery like personification, similes, and symbols. When poems are confusing visuals make it easier to understand them. Overall, I am glad that writing poetry is over, but writing it wasn’t as awful as I thought it was going to be.

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