The Dodo’s Conundrum

The Dodo’s Conundrum was an enjoyable poem to read because it was not to hard to decipher. The title is revealing because it means “having wings, but not being able to fly”. This describes the poem well because the author is living in a perfect world but he is still unhappy. It is the concept […]


My negative outlook on poetry hasn’t changed since the unit began. I still think poetry can be lovely but it is so hard to decipher that there isn’t a point to it. I think understanding poetry is the hardest part of the process. The actual writing of poetry was not terrible because I enjoy the […]


I have a love/hate relationship with poetry. When I first read a poem I become frustrated because I find it very hard to understand. I love the rhythm of poetry and the concept, but not the actual analyzing. I don’t mind when we analyze it as a group or class because then it helps me […]