Independent Reading “Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks”

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I have loved the author Lauren Myracle since I was in middle school. She wrote the Winnie series which portrays a girl growing up with each book representing a year of her life. When I found out she had written young adult novels I was excited about the story she would tell. “Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks” exceeded my expectations and I can confidently say it’s one of my new favorite books. The story is about a girl, Carly and her sister, Anna going to high school together and trying to navigate friendships, boys, and their family. I can relate to Carly and Anna’s relationship which is full of lots of fighting but also love because I have an older sister. At first, I didn’t like the main character, Carly, because she was so focused on being unique that she ended up conforming to everyone else. I feel like this is a common thing in our generation, because everyone acts like they are resisting the status quo, but everything people do is influenced by others despite what they want to believe. She learned a good lesson that we all do at some point, which is that sometimes you need to let go and stop trying so hard. When I started the book I liked the characters and didn’t mind their occasional comment about being better than everyone, but by the end, I was a bit sick of it. Carly struggles with living in a rich neighborhood and feels guilty about her family acting so snobby and high class, but she doesn’t really do anything to change it. Another thing that made me upset was that she made a new friend who was black and she started to consider if the only reason she was friends with her was that she was different. During the summer Carly goes on a trip, but when she comes back her sister has changed a lot and is all grown up. There is a struggle between them, because they are both growing and changing. Carly has this strange need to make Anna feel like a little kid. I think it’s because she’s jealous of her freshman sister getting all the attention. Most people struggle with the jealousy monster and as you mature you learn how to accept yourself. My sister Livy and I have experienced a jealousy problem and trying to fit into each other lives as we grow up. There was a time when we didn’t get along and we were always upset with each other because of friends and school. We came to an understanding before she left for college just like Carly and her sister Anna. There is also a romance element to the book. Carly has a best friend Roger who is in love with her, but she doesn’t feel the same way. This part is so sad because the whole time Roger is so nice to her and helps her, but she is rude to him. I felt so bad for him and in the end they start dating, but I don’t think they should have. Carly doesn’t deserve him after what she did, the whole time I was rooting for Vonzelle and Roger. The story had a very predictable plot of her sister going after the boy she liked causing them to get into a fight and made up soon after. Carly realized she was going after the wrong guy and everyone lived happily ever after. Although the story was basic and a little cheesy I would still recommend it to anyone who likes romance novels. It contained an important lesson about jealousy and by the end of the story you are bound to get attached to Carly and her sister. Their relationship is relatable to anyone with a sister.

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