Short Stories­čśÉ

My story is about a woman named Jackie in the 1990s who is on a space mission to retrieve a satellite that got caught in Mars’ orbit. She has to leave her family behind, but she believes the impact she is making on space travel is worth it. There are some complications during their launch, […]

The Boyfriend Agreement

Okay I will admit it, this book is getting kind of cheesy. Bella is fake dating Jake but now apparently she likes his twin brother Cole. She can’t break up with Jake because he got his friend Eric to ask out her best friend Ariel. It’s all really complicated and messed up. On top of […]

The Devil and Tom Walker

“The Devil and Tom Walker” begins with an old story about Kidd the pirate and his buried treasure, this lead me to believe the plot would be about Tom Walker and his adventure finding the treasure. However, the story ended up being about the devil’s deals and contains a lesson about greediness. The main character […]

Is Every Story the Same?

After learning about short stories all week there are many things I previously knew, but there is also some new material. For instance, most stories follow the same plot, there’s only so many different story lines. The different minor characters include stereotypes, caricature, and stock characters. I didn’t realize that every movie and book has […]