Blog 17: Song of Myself

My initial reaction of the song to myself is that is is very confusing. It is confusing because of the words he uses that don’t make any sense. Also, he for some reason makes the connection between society and grass. I don’t think this is the best connection to make because grass doesn’t do hardly anything.  His devotion to the Transcendentalist philosophy affects his writing because it shows how he thinks about the Christian religion and also creates a mild conflict between Transcendentalism and Christianity because the views are different for each. One of the most important  lines of this section would be when he says “A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands”. I think this is the most important line of this section because it makes the reader think about what he means when he says this. Then later on he says even more things about grass and how he can relate to the “grass” himself. This is important in creating the theme and conveying the meaning because it allows the reader to make his connections to things that most people know a fair amount of. The most difficulties that not only i had with the work but the whole group had with their work is that it was pretty difficult to understand what he was trying to get across to the readers and what he meant by them.

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blog 16

I agree with that a little. The government needs to govern a little otherwise there would be unwanted actions happening. Some countries make great examples of that. The Venezuelan government did not govern enough and now they are neck deep in debt and inflation. The role of the government is to ensure that each of its citizens gets what is needed. That could be basic resources, justice, public education or even money if it is required. It should be able to keep the country and it’s citizens safe while also keeping corruption from taking place. The role of the government in relation to an individual citizen is that the government can indirectly affect the citizen and the citizen can affect the government. The kind of government that would command my respect would be the kind that serves justice, takes care of not only its citizens but of everyone regardless of race, religion or beliefs. The government should be able to have a certain amount of control over its citizens that allows the citizens to do what they want but to an extent. They shouldn’t be able to illegal things or anything that can cause serious harm to one’s reputation or self. If there is even an ounce of corruption in the government, it should be abolished. I would rather a bad politician that sometimes screws up than one that is corrupted. If his essay can effect such great figures such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.MLK got an entire country to change it’s perspective while Gandhi got an entire country to leave his country. If the essay brought this much change then it is certainly more than effective. Sometimes civil disobedience is the only way to bring change. I feel the only role of civil disobedience (in people that are in my age group) is to gain popularity or they do it out of peer pressure. I will admit that in some cases civil disobedience is OK but those are only serious cases in which the “victim” has no option left or if the law is simply unfair and the only way to change it is to take serious measures.

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Blog 13

The topic that I got for this debate is Building the wall. For this, I got pro for building the wall. Which I am happy about because this is my opinion on this topic. I already know, before I do any research, is that this wall is going to be put up on the border of the US and Mexico. Also, this wall is to help slow down the illegal immigration and will also help slow down the bringing of illegal drugs into the country from Mexico. This wall will also be a step up from what we have now, all we have now is just a roughly 3-foot fence on the border. The things that come up when I do a basic google search is just a lot of videos with Trump in them and also there are videos of people opposing the wall. there are articles about Trump and his plans for the wall and a fundraiser for the wall. The logical approach that I will have coming into this debate is stating facts about how many illegal immigrants that come into this country. Also the facts of how much of the reported drugs that they bring into the country. An ethical issue regarding the wall is that there are too many illegal drugs that people are bringing over the border. The emotions that come up is how many people are killed by the illegals that have either in a gang or are just on a solo mission. This is one of the emotional issues because they can go and hide in the sanctuary cities and then sneak back to their country and not get in trouble for their actions. Also, there are a lot of people who are trying to rais money for those people and they don’t even want to help their own veterans that are homeless and can’t afford the healthcare that they need.

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Blog 12: Changes

Should sanctuary cities receive government funding? sanctuary cities receiving government funding is a national issue. The people that are for this say that these cities should because they are safe. The people who are against it say that they aren’t safe. The people that say they are safe say this because they state that it gives undocumented immigrants and law enforcement a good relationship. the people that say they aren’t safe state that because it harbors criminals which creates an unsafe environment for the US citizens living there. I am on the side that they aren’t safe. they aren’t safe because of the criminals that live there. This is so because they know that no one there has protection there and that they would be very venerable to an attack. Also, some of these cities hold immigrants that shouldn’t be able to even live in the US but will not do anything about those people. My school year hasn’t gone so good so far. I haven’t been doing so good with my grades. The big thing that I would change is how I work on my homework. To improve this I would just work a little harder and not be as lazy when I have stuff that I need to do. The thing that I could start this week is start writing down what homework I need to do that night. Also, I could start going to bed earlier so I’m not so tired after I get home. the only thigh that would be able to stop me is my sports that will make me too tired after them to do my homework.

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No more poetry

My perception of poetry has changed a little. I have grown to like writing poetry because for some reason I have been able to make the poem a little more interesting and not as dry as they used to be. Especially back in like middle school when I could barely write a stanza. Now I’m not saying that my poems are the best, I’m just saying that is has been much easier to write and make them somewhat interesting. Also, they have made a lot more sense than they used to because I’m not just throwing words together to make what I thought as the best poem I could back then. Now that I know what goes into writing a poem I have noticed those things mostly in other poems. There is a new level of respect for those people who write those poems because now I know what those poets went through to be able to write those poems as good as they do. I could add some pictures that show how the kids were throughout all their stages of baseball from tee-ball throughout college.

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Blog 8

So far I think poetry sucks. It sucks because it is annoying to write and to analyze all of the parts of the poem. It is annoying to write because there are a lot of parts to take into consideration while doing all the parts of analyzing or writing a poem. Also, all of the terminology is hard to keep straight while doing these parts of writing or analyzing a poem when we read the poem Eldorado I thought it was kinda messed up. But after you told us his background on him it made sense as to why his writing is so messed up. I thought the analyzation of the poem Eldorado didn’t go that bad even though I don’t think I did some of the right steps in doing all of the parts. the biggest part that I think I messed up while doing this finding the forms of the poems. I can find the rhyme alright that is pretty easy but finding all the other parts of the poem analyzation process. Also, after doing all of these things for Eldorado it has actually made the poem more likable because now that I know his past and how dark it was I know that he got to be so dark by having a dark past and not just because he wanted to be crazy.

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Blog 7a

Before i read the book The Hunger games i was actually looking forward to reading it because after watching the movies i wanted to read the books. Really the only reason why i wanted to read the books is because everyone i talked to said that the book is way better than the movie. First of all i do think that the book is way better than the movie because it goes into more detail about the lives of all the characters and how the hunger games began. The book is written in first person from Katniss’ perspective, the book gives a good idea of what she thinks and what she plans to do during the games.  I really liked Katniss because she is relatable and has a good character.  Also, because she is courageous, strong, caring, bold, and clever she desperately wants to help her family and care for them. this also makes me like her because most of the other people in the hunger games just were in it for themselves and just wanted to survive the games, even though most of them didn’t last to long anyway. Also there are characters that i didn’t like. Form the beginning of the book when you first find out about president snow he sounds like a kind of cool guy but as the story goes on he just becomes more and more unlikable. Mostly because I just was starting to get that very unsettling feel about him. My thoughts changes throughout the story multiple times. First, it was that i wasn’t going to like the book because i wasn’t sure if it was ever going to stop giving all the background that it did. But, then once i kept reading on for a little bit and the good stuff was starting to happen, like snows people showed up to the district and started to call people up to be in the Hunger games that year. When that started to happen is when i really started to like the book why I’m not too sure but i did start to enjoy the book more and more. I think i started to like it more because there was more action going on other than just the background and because there was all the drama that i thought was kind of funny especially when Katniss “volunteered as tribute” for her little sister. I’m not sure why i find that funny I know she did it for a good reason but when i first read that i just kinda chuckled and then had to re read it because i wanted to make sure i read it right. One other thing that also made the book kinda interesting is when Katniss and Peeta started to like each other. This made the book more interesting to me is because they liked each other a lot but then they get put into the same hunger games thing and they obviously they had to kill each other  but they formed and alliance and they ended up figuring out how they could win and both live. I defiantly recommend this book to other people even if they aren’t a fan of the killing part because it is just over all a good book because there are lots of other parts to the book that make this book very enjoyable to read. Also other people should read this book because of all the detail it goes into about all the characters and events that go on throughout the book. that is the main reason i kept reading this book because i just wanted to know what would happen next.

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Blog 6

My story has changed a lot from when I first looked at the six-word short story. It has made some big changes since I first thought of my story. first, there aren’t as many people that die than I first had thought up the story. Second, the characters are a little different than I first had thought of them to be. The antagonist was supposed to come back and posses the protagonist but that never happened. The protagonist and antagonist have switched from what I was originally planning on having. Also, the Antagonist was supposed to be a really good friend to the protagonist but now he really isnt that good of a friend because he dosent respect him at all as a friend and makes him kill himself. The things that I like about my story is that it was fairly easy to write and didn’t take me that long to make edits to it and make it one of the better short stories that I have written before. The things that I don’t like about my story is that I didn’t write about what I had originally had thought of and that I didn’t write more and go into a little more detail about what had led to the climax of the story. Also, I wish I would have written more about the falling action and resolution of the story and what had gone on during that time of the story. my book one for quarter one was kinda good but I would not recommend it because I thought it was a dry story because not much action went on in my opinion. I am also not sure yet on what I will be reading for the second book of quarter one but will have one very soon.

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Blog 3

My first initial reaction to “ The Devil and Tom Walker” is that it was very surprising and strange at the same time. It was surprising because of how he wasn’t nervous when the black man with the ax and him met in while they were in the swamp. Also, when the author had started explaining Toms wife and what she was like towards Tom was very surprising. By saying that it was also surprising that his wife was so greedy that she made a deal with the devil just so she could get some money. This story was strange to me because why would any right-minded person want to stay and talk to a random person with an ax while they were in a swamp. It is similar to some things that I have read before but not that close in relationship. This is different because in those books that I have read first of all didn’t involve making a deal with the devil and second most of them did not end with both of the main characters dying. Also, those books usually end up with the main conflict being solved and then those characters end up trying to make their life better. My impression on the society that the author depicts is that it is very different from today’s society. It is different from today’s society because if anyone had run into a man in the woods, nonetheless a swamp, that has an ax they would end up wither running the other way or end up shooting that man simply out of fear. I believe Irving wrote this story because he wanted to show people that just because if someone offers you a lot of money to do something for them you might want to read the fine print and really consider if it seems like a smart idea in the long run. The point that Irving was trying to make is that if you are too greedy it might not end up to well for you in the long run. If I could change something in this story is that I would have written more on the dialogue with Tom and the devil and how their deals came about. Also, I would have written more about his wife and the deals she made with the devil from her perspective and then from Tom’s perspective.

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Blog 2 A week of notes

I have changed on the way I view stories after our discussion this past week. Now, when I watch or read anything I find myself constantly looking for the conflicts of whatever I am reading or watching. In doing this I feel like I am paying more attention to what ever I an reading or watching which allows me to remember what I just had watched or read. Also, while I am watching something I find myself looking for parts of the rising action in that story and what the complicating factors of that story is. While I am watching a movie or reading a book I often catch myself  evaluating the setting of the story. Also, during some sort of story line I look for the Milieu. In doing so I can sometimes relate to the story better. Protagonist –Chris Kyle the Navy S.E.A.L sniper, Antagonist – Mustafa an Afghan Olympic sniper, Dynamic vs. Static Dynamic, Flat vs. Round: Round. Because of doing these things it allows me to make better predictions for the future of the book or movie, also it allows me to understand what I am reading or watching. I can understand it better because I now now more about the all of the parts of that story instead of just being able to just understand small pieces of that story. Also, in knowing all of the things I can make connections to that story instead of just reading or watching that story. Being an active participant in a story means that you are making connections and also being able to point out all the different parts of that story. In observing a story you are just watching that story you are’t doing any of the things to make the movie more understandable for your self. Most often I am the person to just observe that story and not find all of those parts of that story. I could make that transition by starting slow. I could start off by just finding the easy parts and then keep going until I could find all of the parts of that story. The second week of school had been very stressful because I have to get used to doing my homework. But, compared to week one it has been alot harder just because I haven’t gotten as much sleep as I used to.

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