Blog 17: Song of Myself

My initial reaction of the song to myself is that is is very confusing. It is confusing because of the words he uses that don’t make any sense. Also, he for some reason makes the connection between society and grass. I don’t think this is the best connection to make because grass doesn’t do hardly anything.  His devotion to the Transcendentalist philosophy affects his writing because it shows how he thinks about the Christian religion and also creates a mild conflict between Transcendentalism and Christianity because the views are different for each. One of the most important  lines of this section would be when he says “A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands”. I think this is the most important line of this section because it makes the reader think about what he means when he says this. Then later on he says even more things about grass and how he can relate to the “grass” himself. This is important in creating the theme and conveying the meaning because it allows the reader to make his connections to things that most people know a fair amount of. The most difficulties that not only i had with the work but the whole group had with their work is that it was pretty difficult to understand what he was trying to get across to the readers and what he meant by them.

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