Blog 22: Citizen Kane

I thought Citizen Kane is a very overrated movie. It wasn’t a bad movie but it wasn’t that interesting either. The whole plot was based around journalists trying to find out what “rosebud” meant. It was a little confusing to follow and his actions in the movie were “dumb”. Obviously for someone looking at the little things ,such as themes and meanings behind certain scenes, the movie had a lot more to it.

I feel the movie wanted to show/tell the audience that not the American Dream isn’t for everyone. That it doesn’t offer the happiness that is often promised to them. Many people think wealth, happiness, and family when the American Dream is mentioned. They don’t think of the hardships that are required to acquire those “things”.

Charles can’t find happiness because there isn’t much that can make him happy. Many people would be trilled to have the bank account of Kane, even if they had a house 1/10 the size of his, they’d be happy with it. Kane grew up with all those luxury things around him and he has never faced financial hardships. People who have faced those hardships were happy to come out of them. Getting a raise, or even a bonus, would have made any other person day. For Kane, he doesn’t have to worry about those things so it doesn’t affect him. Going back to the American Dream, Kane had the wealth but not the family, he loses his son and his wife. The American Dream was the definition of happiness for most people back then but missing the important family factor, it meant nothing. The main reason Charles Kane can’t be happy is because despite having everything, he has no family.

Kane was happy until he taken away from his family when he was young. If I’m being honest, they kinda sold him. A big key figure was his son. No man wants to see his son get taken away from him, that must’ve hit him harder than he showed. Another one was the singer, he was happy with her, or at least he showed to be happy with her. She provided him with happiness for a short while and he would’ve have done anything for her. His wife was a minor factor in my opinion. She kept him happy enough for the time they were together but he didn’t really seem to enjoying life with her, especially since he was with the singer.


Blog 21: The Love of a pretty Disillusioned Town

The theme of the first poem (The Love Song) was a little debatable. I believe it was,”If you truly love someone, you should express yourself to them.”. In modern words this translates to,”Shoot your shot”. Prufrock develops theme by first having the “main character” talking to no one in particular about how much he loves the girl. Then the he kind of stalks her because he isn’t “allowed” in the room and thinks over the consequences of what would happen if others knew he loved her. In the end he accepts that it will be a trap and Prufrock expertly shows this why the mention of sea-girls. Also known as mermaids who in Greek Mythology trapped sailors.

The theme of Disillusionment is difficult to get a grasp on but what I got is,”The most looked down upon people are the most interesting.”. The sailor is going to be looked down on by society due to him being a drunk and a sailor. From what I read, he can see ghosts which is pretty darn interesting. This poem develops theme by giving a great explanation about the sailor.

The theme of anyone lived in a pretty how town is kind of dark. “People will remember you when they need you but when you’re gone, they’ll forget about you.”. The poem sets this up by having “anyone” involved with people in the beginning of the poem and at the end it was stated “and more and more they dream their sleep.” This shows the people went on to doing their own thing after the couple died.

They’re all connected because they involve the lower class of society. The class that is kind of looked down upon.

The most applicable is The Love Song. It is kind of like a high-school drama but expanded into the real world. Most people don’t “shoot their shot” because of what society thinks of them and where they are placed on the “rank list”.

I liked The Love Song the most because I see scenarios like that almost everyday in high school and it’s fun to relate the two

Blog 20: Frogs, Finns and iMom

My initial thoughts on “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”  was that it was a pretty normal short story with a few weird words. It was written expertly on Twain’s part. The way that Tawin managed to write how the characters would “speak” is amazing. From what I have heard, he was the first to have done so. I actually read the short story in the accents of the characters. I didn’t get who the main subject of satire was until we went over it in class, but afterwards I was surprised to say the least. There was as much humor as their was satire. In the beginning, the satire was obviously aimed at Simon Wheeler. As the story progressed, I didn’t notice that Simon was simply wasting the narrator’s time. The point got across to me very clearly after that.

My anticipatory thoughts on Huck Finn is that the little robber group is going to break up, and Huck is gonna try and set them to life style that the Widow is trying to set him to. That is going to backfire on him and they’ll turn their backs on him. That’s how I think things are going to play out. I know that the they just made the rules for the group and the consequences. I think that Huck is going to fool them into being good by making them think that they are “robbing” people. I know that someone is going to get fooled.

I thought the short film iMom was funny and horrific in a way. I knew something bad was going to happen near the end of it when the lights went out.   Bad mothers and mothers who look for a easy way out were being satirized. The way that the kid and the iMom got closer was creepy to say the least. The presentation certainly exceeded my expectations and the commentary was normal until the close to end when it looked like some underage stuff was about to go down.



Blog 19: Satire

I have an immense amount of experience with satire and humor. This ranges from normal jokes to racist jokes to even humor that could get me arrested. Humor is like one of specialties. Some may not understand my level of humor and that’s their problem.

I don’t have a favorite type of humor, sometimes physical humor makes laugh hard and other times it’s verbal. I’ve found myself laughing because I saw someone else laughing. The one I watch more or, for a lack of better words, participate in more is verbal humor. For example, I am watching an after hours competitive uno game and there is constant screaming and cursing which I find hilarious. I also find my self dying with laughter watching physical humor. People falling down stairs or getting rear ended by a bull is hilarious in my opinion.

I love watching the Key and Peele videos. The take on racial humor and do it expertly. Stereotypes is a big subject they cover. For example, in the video I linked, you can see them in an alien apocalypse and they are asking racial questions that are debatable in today’s society to find out if the “survivors” are truly human or not. Now let me remind you, they are 2 African American men asking questions like,”Would you let me date your daughter?”. The generic response would be no but a survivor said “Of course” and they shot him without a second thought, turns out he was alien. Another example is, they asked a another African American,”What do you think of the police?”. He responded with,”I loved their third album.”. That alien got blasted pretty quick.

I know very little about Mark Twain, I have heard the name before but don’t recall much about him. I didn’t know that he provided the setting for Huckleberry Finn. I haven’t read or even glanced at the book. After a few words typed into google, it said that his writing style was realism. We all love a man that keeps it real. I also found out that he had a lot of finical problems. He made some bad investments in a complicated typewriter.


3Q IR: A book made by a good friend

This is not your average book, this was made by one very talented writer who may be a little slow at times but nonetheless, competes with national writers. Okay, I might be stretching that a little bit but honestly this was a really good book that had a lot of effort put into it. Considering this was written by a high schooler and if we look past the little mistakes, this book could actually be used for entertainment purposes. I think this good for anyone who enjoys Medieval books or books that have a good story and just action and adventure behind them.

The book was called Arcadia. It is set in the Medieval times and is about a young prince who has to step up and take the role of King as his father is killed before his eyes and his mother vanishes. Through hardships and help from the Gods, he over comes his challenges although they are not without grievances. It is a little like The Rangers Apprentice series and the King Arthur books. It might even compete with them.

Doing research on this book is near impossible as I has not been published yet and from what I have been told, it might not get published. The little “research” I did do taught me a little about what the book was about.

The story line of this book plays out marvelously. I personally enjoy medieval books so I may be a little biased but the author perfectly imprinted a great story line. Starting with the Prince having to step up at a young age and then immediately losing it all really gets the reader wondering what will happen next. The author describes the Prince as a young man above many others. He knows his place in society and knows what needs to be done to protect his kingdom and its neighbors. This lures the readers in by making them anticipate what happens next. When I got to this part of the story, I was reeled in so far that there was no way I was gonna put the book away. The story line drives this book forward so nicely that I actually regretted reading it so fast. I was legitimately sad when I got to the end.

This book kept me attracted all the way until the end. The constant challenges the Prince faces keep the reader wanting to see him succeed. I don’t think there was one instant were I wasn’t pondering on what will happen next in the book or an instant where I got distracted.

In conclusion this was one of the better books I have read, it had a few editing mistakes and could use a little touching up but the story-line behind it is amazing. The story could use a little more foreshadowing and a little bit more of a back story. this could be a really amazing book. I think anyone could enjoy this book if they looked past the minor mistakes.

Blog 18: Vertigo Review

Initial thoughts about Vertigo are great. I am actually super impressed with the movie. I was not expecting this from a 1954 movie. This has easily earned a top 3 stop on my all time favorite movies. The plot and the twists really just make someone’s jaw drop. I literally sat their with my doritos half chewed in my mouth and stopped right there.

I liked the music that went along with the movie. All the scenes had their own music to go along with it. For example, the scene’s where Scotty was spying on Madeline, the music was spy/suspicious music. The overall plot was pretty modern with old time elements added into it. Near the end when it turned out Gavin set the whole thing up, that there was my favorite scene. The way that everything was set up before that took place was just perfect. There were literally no flaws beside the fact that the one chick fell in love with Scotty. Also the fact that their was a love triangle. A lot of times it is between 2 guys and 1 girl but this movie did it different. EDIT: Just finished and this ending is extremely great for a 1958 movie. Scotty finally figured everything out and Judy killing herself because of trying to run from the nun. Ah Nuns, they never get old.

The only thing I didn’t like was some of the scenes where it went literally 3 minutes without any dialogue, there should have been some inner thought dialogue or even him whispering to himself. That really took some of the effect out of the movie.

To make this suitable for a modern audience, I would first off add color, lots of color. Also since Madeline is well of, maybe I would throw in a Aston Martin or even a Maserati for effect. I would also add comedy and this movie would probably be R rated. Mostly because of the curse words I would add. There would be some character to camera talking involved, like in Deadpool. Modern audiences would find the scenes with no dialogue for a while very boring. I would add some inner thoughts and a extended plot. Their would also be blood for when Madeline goes splat. That’s like a need in today’s movies. There is not much this movie lacks.


Blog 17: Song of myself

My initial reaction to Song of Myself wasn’t surprising to say the least. I barely understood it and in my opinion it was just another long dumb poem. Soon after reading and understanding the meeting of the poem, my reaction changed drastically. Whitman knew what he was talking about, he truly knew what to do. My favorite thing he says is,”Now is the best time to change”. I’m pretty sure it was along the lines of that.

I feel that the sections my group were assigned were some of the better ones (3&9). Section 3 was, in my opinion, one of the best sections. If you understood the corrects meaning behind it, it truly could change someone. Personally it inspired me to adopt the “Now is the best time to change” philosophy, and it has made a positive impact on my life so far.

His writings, specially this one, are more or less affected by transcendentalism. He is somewhat connect to nature a she describes society as blades of grass in a field. On the less side of it, in my opinion, he doesn’t really turn to nature that much in this poem.

Some of the most important lines to me have a meaning that applies to life and a meaning that I plan on following. “But I do not talk of the beginning or the end.”, this line is the first one that caught my eye. Focusing on the present is one of the most important things a person can. Dwindling on the past can waste time or ruin the future, while focusing on the future can make you forget about the present. “And will never be any more perfection than there is now,”. This line holds the most meaning to me. As I said earlier, this is my favorite line from Whitman. I could go on about why the meaning is so important but I’m tired and it is 10:30 p.m. 

The only difficulties I’m having is trying to understand some of his lines. They sound like they are to mean one thing but end up meaning something completely different. Whitman really outdid many others with this poem, if someone is intelligent enough to be able to understand the meaning of the whole poem, then that person will get advise beyond anything they have gotten.


Blog 16: Civil Disobedience

I somewhat agree with that. The government needs to govern a little otherwise their would be unwanted actions happening. Some countries make great examples for that. The Venezuelan government did not govern enough and now they are neck deep in debt and inflation. The role of the government is to ensure that each of it’s citizens gets what is needed. That could be basic resources, justice, public education or even money if it is required. It should be able to keep the country and it’s citizens safe while also keeping corruption from taking place. The role of the government in relation to an individual citizen is that the government can indirectly affect the citizen and the citizen can affect the government.

The kind of government that would command my respect would be the kind that serves justice, takes care of not only its citizens, but of everyone regardless of race, religion or beliefs. The government should be able to have a certain amount of control over its citizens that allows for the citizens to do what they want but to an extent. They shouldn’t be able to illegal things or anything that can cause serious harm to ones reputation or self. If there is even an ounce of corruption in the government, it should be abolished. I would rather a bad politician that sometimes screws up than one that is corrupted.

If his essay can effect such great figures such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr..MLK got an entire country to change it’s perspective while Gandhi got an entire country to leave his country. If the essay brought this much change then it is certainly more than effective. Sometimes civil disobedience is the only way to bring change. I feel the only role of civil disobedience (in people that are in my age group) is to gain popularity or they do it out of peer pressure. I will admit that in some cases civil disobedience is OK but those are only serious cases in which the “victim” has no option left or if the law is simply unfair and the only way to change it is to take serious measures.

Blog 15: Thoreau’s Attempt

They are both pro natural settings, in addition to this, they both seem to want to live far away from society and in seclusion.

I think the main idea from the first portion was to stay on your feet and keep moving until you find the place where you can “be one” with nature. There was a part where I got a “be humble” vibe from it. When he sold the farm back for free and didn’t want the $10, he really showed that you don’t need much in life to enjoy it and others may need it more than you. Another idea that he got across was that living in a simple house (with the bare minimums) would fit you as fine as a house with a lot of furniture.

The main idea from the second portion was that God will see that you do not want to follow/be with society and you will find yourself happy wherever you are. He says life is like water in a river. This is another great idea mentioned in this excerpt. There are going to be times when life is flowing fast and times when it’s slow. There will be times when it is a all time high while at others it will be at a all time low. I personally like the main idea from the second portion better because it is true life advice that will actually help if you choose to follow it.

The benefits would be not having to deal with stupid people. There are always gonna be people that whenever they open their mouth, whatever they say will irritate you. I personally would miss all the good food that I am unable to cook and I would miss interacting with my friends. A few days alone without any interaction to other people would most likely result in me talking to myself an absurd amount. I could most likely pull it off for a few weeks if I had a few recipe books.

A modern reader should realize that the message that was being sent for to help better them. Whatever message they got out of the expcerts was along the lines of “For self betterment, choosing the natural route is best”.


Blog 14: End of Argument

Over the coarse of the unit, my understanding of argument has changed a lot. I have always thought of argument as pulling facts (or lies) out of thin air to prove that you are right. I am guilty of lying just to prove I am right in an argument but then again, who isn’t? I knew that research goes into proper arguments and debates, such as a lawyer or politician, but I didn’t think that much went into arguments that we have everyday. Finding the right resources and correct references is the hardest part for me. Figuring out when and how to use the research and facts I found is the easiest part for me.

After watching the universal healthcare debate, I saw how much research and placement of words and questions went into an argument. I also realized that the placement of your best point is important.  The way I argue is very dumb compared to the way that most lawyers and politicians argue (excluding Donald Trump). I use facts but I also don’t use them wisely or place them wisely.

I think very differently about arguments now, a lot has changed on my perspective on arguments. Trying to make my own persuasive speech was very difficult. Getting all the research and resources in order was a little difficult and figuring out how word it was the hardest part. I feel like actually just having a verbal argument is easier than having to write out one. Stating words and expressing emotion through them is easier when we are being verbal and it gets more difficult over a speech.

It is only easier because the words and sentences are right in front of you. You can also keep referring back to other sources and those that you already have open. A big disadvantage is that you don’t know what your opponent is going to counter with or say in their main argument and so you don’t know what to counter with.

Overall in the end, I learned that arguments have a lot more that go into them. You can’t be like 2 dinosaurs arguing over who gets the meal.