Blog 22: Citizen Kane

I thought Citizen Kane is a very overrated movie. It wasn’t a bad movie but it wasn’t that interesting either. The whole plot was based around journalists trying to find out what “rosebud” meant. It was a little confusing to follow and his actions in the movie were “dumb”. Obviously for someone looking at the little things ,such as themes and meanings behind certain scenes, the movie had a lot more to it.

I feel the movie wanted to show/tell the audience that not the American Dream isn’t for everyone. That it doesn’t offer the happiness that is often promised to them. Many people think wealth, happiness, and family when the American Dream is mentioned. They don’t think of the hardships that are required to acquire those “things”.

Charles can’t find happiness because there isn’t much that can make him happy. Many people would be trilled to have the bank account of Kane, even if they had a house 1/10 the size of his, they’d be happy with it. Kane grew up with all those luxury things around him and he has never faced financial hardships. People who have faced those hardships were happy to come out of them. Getting a raise, or even a bonus, would have made any other person day. For Kane, he doesn’t have to worry about those things so it doesn’t affect him. Going back to the American Dream, Kane had the wealth but not the family, he loses his son and his wife. The American Dream was the definition of happiness for most people back then but missing the important family factor, it meant nothing. The main reason Charles Kane can’t be happy is because despite having everything, he has no family.

Kane was happy until he taken away from his family when he was young. If I’m being honest, they kinda sold him. A big key figure was his son. No man wants to see his son get taken away from him, that must’ve hit him harder than he showed. Another one was the singer, he was happy with her, or at least he showed to be happy with her. She provided him with happiness for a short while and he would’ve have done anything for her. His wife was a minor factor in my opinion. She kept him happy enough for the time they were together but he didn’t really seem to enjoying life with her, especially since he was with the singer.


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