Blog 19: Satire

I have an immense amount of experience with satire and humor. This ranges from normal jokes to racist jokes to even humor that could get me arrested. Humor is like one of specialties. Some may not understand my level of humor and that’s their problem.

I don’t have a favorite type of humor, sometimes physical humor makes laugh hard and other times it’s verbal. I’ve found myself laughing because I saw someone else laughing. The one I watch more or, for a lack of better words, participate in more is verbal humor. For example, I am watching an after hours competitive uno game and there is constant screaming and cursing which I find hilarious. I also find my self dying with laughter watching physical humor. People falling down stairs or getting rear ended by a bull is hilarious in my opinion.

I love watching the Key and Peele videos. The take on racial humor and do it expertly. Stereotypes is a big subject they cover. For example, in the video I linked, you can see them in an alien apocalypse and they are asking racial questions that are debatable in today’s society to find out if the “survivors” are truly human or not. Now let me remind you, they are 2 African American men asking questions like,”Would you let me date your daughter?”. The generic response would be no but a survivor said “Of course” and they shot him without a second thought, turns out he was alien. Another example is, they asked a another African American,”What do you think of the police?”. He responded with,”I loved their third album.”. That alien got blasted pretty quick.

I know very little about Mark Twain, I have heard the name before but don’t recall much about him. I didn’t know that he provided the setting for Huckleberry Finn. I haven’t read or even glanced at the book. After a few words typed into google, it said that his writing style was realism. We all love a man that keeps it real. I also found out that he had a lot of finical problems. He made some bad investments in a complicated typewriter.


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