3Q IR: A book made by a good friend

This is not your average book, this was made by one very talented writer who may be a little slow at times but nonetheless, competes with national writers. Okay, I might be stretching that a little bit but honestly this was a really good book that had a lot of effort put into it. Considering this was written by a high schooler and if we look past the little mistakes, this book could actually be used for entertainment purposes. I think this good for anyone who enjoys Medieval books or books that have a good story and just action and adventure behind them.

The book was called Arcadia. It is set in the Medieval times and is about a young prince who has to step up and take the role of King as his father is killed before his eyes and his mother vanishes. Through hardships and help from the Gods, he over comes his challenges although they are not without grievances. It is a little like The Rangers Apprentice series and the King Arthur books. It might even compete with them.

Doing research on this book is near impossible as I has not been published yet and from what I have been told, it might not get published. The little “research” I did do taught me a little about what the book was about.

The story line of this book plays out marvelously. I personally enjoy medieval books so I may be a little biased but the author perfectly imprinted a great story line. Starting with the Prince having to step up at a young age and then immediately losing it all really gets the reader wondering what will happen next. The author describes the Prince as a young man above many others. He knows his place in society and knows what needs to be done to protect his kingdom and its neighbors. This lures the readers in by making them anticipate what happens next. When I got to this part of the story, I was reeled in so far that there was no way I was gonna put the book away. The story line drives this book forward so nicely that I actually regretted reading it so fast. I was legitimately sad when I got to the end.

This book kept me attracted all the way until the end. The constant challenges the Prince faces keep the reader wanting to see him succeed. I don’t think there was one instant were I wasn’t pondering on what will happen next in the book or an instant where I got distracted.

In conclusion this was one of the better books I have read, it had a few editing mistakes and could use a little touching up but the story-line behind it is amazing. The story could use a little more foreshadowing and a little bit more of a back story. this could be a really amazing book. I think anyone could enjoy this book if they looked past the minor mistakes.

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