Blog 18: Vertigo Review

Initial thoughts about Vertigo are great. I am actually super impressed with the movie. I was not expecting this from a 1954 movie. This has easily earned a top 3 stop on my all time favorite movies. The plot and the twists really just make someone’s jaw drop. I literally sat their with my doritos half chewed in my mouth and stopped right there.

I liked the music that went along with the movie. All the scenes had their own music to go along with it. For example, the scene’s where Scotty was spying on Madeline, the music was spy/suspicious music. The overall plot was pretty modern with old time elements added into it. Near the end when it turned out Gavin set the whole thing up, that there was my favorite scene. The way that everything was set up before that took place was just perfect. There were literally no flaws beside the fact that the one chick fell in love with Scotty. Also the fact that their was a love triangle. A lot of times it is between 2 guys and 1 girl but this movie did it different. EDIT: Just finished and this ending is extremely great for a 1958 movie. Scotty finally figured everything out and Judy killing herself because of trying to run from the nun. Ah Nuns, they never get old.

The only thing I didn’t like was some of the scenes where it went literally 3 minutes without any dialogue, there should have been some inner thought dialogue or even him whispering to himself. That really took some of the effect out of the movie.

To make this suitable for a modern audience, I would first off add color, lots of color. Also since Madeline is well of, maybe I would throw in a Aston Martin or even a Maserati for effect. I would also add comedy and this movie would probably be R rated. Mostly because of the curse words I would add. There would be some character to camera talking involved, like in Deadpool. Modern audiences would find the scenes with no dialogue for a while very boring. I would add some inner thoughts and a extended plot. Their would also be blood for when Madeline goes splat. That’s like a need in today’s movies. There is not much this movie lacks.


Blog 17: Song of myself

My initial reaction to Song of Myself wasn’t surprising to say the least. I barely understood it and in my opinion it was just another long dumb poem. Soon after reading and understanding the meeting of the poem, my reaction changed drastically. Whitman knew what he was talking about, he truly knew what to do. My favorite thing he says is,”Now is the best time to change”. I’m pretty sure it was along the lines of that.

I feel that the sections my group were assigned were some of the better ones (3&9). Section 3 was, in my opinion, one of the best sections. If you understood the corrects meaning behind it, it truly could change someone. Personally it inspired me to adopt the “Now is the best time to change” philosophy, and it has made a positive impact on my life so far.

His writings, specially this one, are more or less affected by transcendentalism. He is somewhat connect to nature a she describes society as blades of grass in a field. On the less side of it, in my opinion, he doesn’t really turn to nature that much in this poem.

Some of the most important lines to me have a meaning that applies to life and a meaning that I plan on following. “But I do not talk of the beginning or the end.”, this line is the first one that caught my eye. Focusing on the present is one of the most important things a person can. Dwindling on the past can waste time or ruin the future, while focusing on the future can make you forget about the present. “And will never be any more perfection than there is now,”. This line holds the most meaning to me. As I said earlier, this is my favorite line from Whitman. I could go on about why the meaning is so important but I’m tired and it is 10:30 p.m. 

The only difficulties I’m having is trying to understand some of his lines. They sound like they are to mean one thing but end up meaning something completely different. Whitman really outdid many others with this poem, if someone is intelligent enough to be able to understand the meaning of the whole poem, then that person will get advise beyond anything they have gotten.