Blog 14: End of Argument

Over the coarse of the unit, my understanding of argument has changed a lot. I have always thought of argument as pulling facts (or lies) out of thin air to prove that you are right. I am guilty of lying just to prove I am right in an argument but then again, who isn’t? I knew that research goes into proper arguments and debates, such as a lawyer or politician, but I didn’t think that much went into arguments that we have everyday. Finding the right resources and correct references is the hardest part for me. Figuring out when and how to use the research and facts I found is the easiest part for me.

After watching the universal healthcare debate, I saw how much research and placement of words and questions went into an argument. I also realized that the placement of your best point is important.  The way I argue is very dumb compared to the way that most lawyers and politicians argue (excluding Donald Trump). I use facts but I also don’t use them wisely or place them wisely.

I think very differently about arguments now, a lot has changed on my perspective on arguments. Trying to make my own persuasive speech was very difficult. Getting all the research and resources in order was a little difficult and figuring out how word it was the hardest part. I feel like actually just having a verbal argument is easier than having to write out one. Stating words and expressing emotion through them is easier when we are being verbal and it gets more difficult over a speech.

It is only easier because the words and sentences are right in front of you. You can also keep referring back to other sources and those that you already have open. A big disadvantage is that you don’t know what your opponent is going to counter with or say in their main argument and so you don’t know what to counter with.

Overall in the end, I learned that arguments have a lot more that go into them. You can’t be like 2 dinosaurs arguing over who gets the meal.




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