Blog 12: Issues and Myself

Part 1:

A current issue that is up for a great debate is Global Warming. There are only 2 positions people could be on for this topic: Either you believe global warming is real or you believe it is a hoax. Our President, Donald J Trump, says “I don’t believe it.”. The side that doesn’t believe in either say the number and facts are fabricated and if they run out of ideas they just say “It’s still cold outside.”. The other side, the side that has the facts and research to prove Global warming is real, can just show NASA images of the Arctic circle shrinking throughout the last few decades. I’m for global warming. It is real and we really need to do something about, make a cleaner energy source. The world is most certainly going to (at least for humanity) unless we take care of it.

Part 2:

I personally think that my school year has gone pretty crappy. There have been some good days but most of them have been disappointing. I want to get more motivation to get better grades. Last school year I was always studying and working hard to get good grades on my test, but this year I feel like I have fell off that horse. I also need to get more sleep. I end up going home and taking a 2 hour nap and then I can’t sleep at night so by the time I am actually asleep it is already midnight. To study better I probably just need to put my phone down for a good hour or so and just look through some notes. To get more sleep I am going to stop taking naps and just try and go to sleep around 10 p.m. or somewhere around there. This week I can work on getting all my homework done on time (oh the irony) and try working on my sleep schedule. The only thing preventing me is myself and my phone. I’m just going to put my phone down for a good 2 hours a day and finish all the work that I have to do around the house and my homework.

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