Blog 11: Virtues Experiment gone wrong

Keeping track of the Virtues was the harder then actually trying to complete them. Doing multiple virtues at once is literally impossible. Also this being turned in late demonstrates a lack of industry. The virtues that I did not violate were: Chasity (surprised?), Cleanliness, Thankfulness, Justice, Fitness (I did a few push ups), Temperance, Sincerity, and Moderation. The virtues that were violated included: Frugality, Tranquility, Order, Industry, Resolution, Synergy, Humility.

Some of the easier virtues to not violate were the ones that everyone should already have such as Cleanliness, Thankfulness, and Justice. As I was definitely keeping track I noticed that Order seemed like it was easy to keep under control but alas human nature causes us to forget the small things that we had said we would do. Resolution also plays a big part in Order. We say we are going to finish something but then completely forget about it. Another easy one was Chasity, most of the time it is not that we won’t violate Chasity but it is that we CAN’T even if we tried. Enough said on that topic.

The ones that were violated weren’t just violated a little. I violated them knowing well that I was violating some virtues. Frugality was a debatable on. I spent some money on clothes but went a little over what I wanted to spend so that was controversial. I will forever violate Tranquility. I heard that small things lead to big things and I think that saying makes a little more sense then Tranquility. Everyone is bound to be out of Order occasionally. For me it is impossible to keep a certain order, I am all over the place throughout the day doing things that I didn’t plan on doing the day before. Industry is virtue that my generation excels at violating. Right now is great example. I am watching TV while writing this and thus wasting time instead of finishing this. I really wasn’t part of anything was bigger or more important than myself over the past week so that goes out the window. Humility is never going to not violated, I have an ego but not a giant one. I just recognize when my ego gets the best of and I know when to stop.

(The irony of this picture)

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