Blog #10: Why we still on poetry

I thought “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was a messy poem that made no sense whatsoever until one of group members figured out the meaning of structure. After getting insight on why the structure was how it was, I understood the poem a little more and felt that it made more sense.

When it comes to the theme, I am still a little confused. It did not seem like the author had a direct message that he was trying to get across. The only one that even moderately made sense was “Don’t get caught up in your own perfect world”.

I am honestly confused about a lot of stuff with this poem. The main thing is the theme, it is a big part of a poem and this poem does not state it clearly for the reader to understand. Also why was it structured so messy (If it wasn’t for the reason I stated earlier.)? The only connection that I really made was the one with the sirens. Comparing the “mermaid” sirens to the police sirens was pretty clever in my opinion.

Answering the Sound and Sense question for Eldarado was so much more easier then this. The theme was easier to decipher and understand. Finding elements of poetry and preforming a scansion was also much more easier.

Writing poetry had effected the way I read this by making this poem look like a second grader wrote it. A very smart second grader that understands the meaning of life to the point were it’s creepy. If I had not been writing poetry for the last few weeks, this poem would had sounded like nonsense and made no sense whatsoever. But alas, I have been writing poetry for a while now and thus this poem came out to me as very deep in a sense. I would have never thought of this poem to be about living in your own little world while the world around you is in chaos but it makes perfect sense that this what the poem is about. This author really did a nice job making it hard to understand but for those who understood it, it just made us go “ohhhhh”.

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