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I still dislike poetry after all the reading and writing we have done in the past 2 weeks. All I have learned is how much work and thinking goes into writing poems. Writing poetry, if anything, has made me dislike poetry even more. The only satisfaction I got out of writing poetry was when I managed to make two words rhyme. Writing with requirements has in fact affected the way I look at poems written by others. Especially for the shorter ones, trying to put a theme and other aspects in a few stanzas was hard enough but for poems that 1 stanza it must be very hard. Not much changed in my understanding or thought process between my first and second poem. I had a little more trouble trying to think of lines for my second poem but that was about it. My second poem is about greed and money. It tells of the hardships one goes through trying to obtain money.

I think the easiest way to incorporate visual elements is the make a good story line within your poem. For me, I visualize the best when I am reading a good story that is easy to follow and interesting. Using words that trigger an image in the readers head is also a great way to help visually present your poem. Also using a word that the reader is not familiar with can cause the reader to think about it and thus visualizing that word with other lines from the poem. You can’t forget to add words that the reader would easily recognize and understand. This will help make up for the more difficult words by adding smaller words to assist the reader. Another way to incorporate images is to trigger childhood senses. Adding words, lines or even characters in the poem that many people have encountered in their childhood and help broaden the understanding of the poem. For example, stating a line or phrase from a Star Wars movie will most likely immediately make the reader understand what the author is getting at. Images can help the readers understanding of the poem boost 10 fold.

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