Poe was very depressed.

My general reaction to the poems we have read so far is one of mixed emotions. I thought poetry was boring and did not have any meaning but over the last few days, my opinion had changed. The poem that really opened up to me the most was El dorado. The overall theme of the poem is true life lesson (Do not waste your life trying to fulfill your greed.). The Raven didn’t really have any effect of me. It wasn’t a bad poem but it wasn’t a good poem either. I feel that it would have had a better effect on the people of the same time the poem was written. A poem that I read for one of our assignments (Bells by Edgar Allan Poe) was by far my favorite. It didn’t make much sense to me but if you “sing” the poem it sounds amazing. It sounds like something that would be played at an Inn on a cold winter night in the medieval times. It gets that warm Christmas feeling across to the reader or listener.

The analysis or El Dorado went somewhat smoothly, there were a few questions that were hard to answer. Most of it, like the theme, was pretty easy to analyze. Some of it, like finding the metaphors, was a little tricky. The stanza with the lines “Over the Mountains, Of the Moon, Down the Valley of the Shadow, Ride, boldly ride,” was the hardest to analyze. I had no idea what “over the mountain” meant. “Down the Valley of the Shadow”, was a pretty easy phrase to understand.

My poem is going to be on food. One of the most essential things for any living being. I intend on making whoever reads it very hungry. I myself get very hungry when I am just sitting around and think about food. Fruits mostly have that affect on the most. A image of a juicy watermelon or mango could randomly pop into my mind and I would instantly having a craving. I am going to try and have an A,B,A,B pattern for my poem.


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