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My first book for independent reading was the second book in the Rangers Apprentice series, The Burning Bridge. This book was honestly one of the more boring ones up until when things got wild. When I say this one was boring, I mean to say not as interesting. It is still a really good but compared to the rest of the series, this book doesn’t hold up in the beginning. The ending is where all the action is at though. I was a little surprised in beginning when Will found the bridge that they were building because I didn’t think the Wargal’s were smart enough to think of that. I got really nervous and anxious when Will was creeping into the cave to spy on them. The slightest sound would have meant a horrifying death for the young ranger. It also would have been embarrassing considering the Rangers are considered the elite of the elite.  Another thing that really surprised me was when Will got kidnapped by the Scandinavians. Halt was shooting arrows at them at like 5 arrows per second and with a deadly amount of accuracy. I can’t even explain how accurate Halt is. The Scandinavians barely got away.

I mostly read the book because I love books that take place in Medieval times. All the King Arthur stuff and other things such as that. This is a great series to read during the winter. It just adds a different feel when you are reading. This book is also very engaging, there were multiple times where I forgot which world I lived in. I felt as if I was in the middle of the final fight and I felt the tension and anxiety that the characters were feeling.

I felt connected to Will the most out of everyone (but only at certain parts in the stories). He doesn’t like to disappoint others and feels the need to succeed at everything. He doesn’t stop until he gets the task the done and I could say that I am somewhat like that. If it is something that I know will benefit me or will help me in the future then I don’t stop until it is done. Tug (Will’s pony) is practically my spirit animal. He is just there along for the ride and steps in every once in a while to get some action. I really empathized negatively with the Scandinavians until I read further into the book and found out that they are in fact not a bad people. They respect Will due to his skill yet being just a young boy.

If you are the type of person that does not like to read entire series or books that take up a lot of time then this is not for you. This book is for someone who wants to go into an entirely different world. This book makes you feel exactly like the characters feel. If it is in the heat of the mines or a cold night you are guaranteed to get chills down your spine.

My overall reaction was kinda mad. The book ended in a massive cliff-hanger and some other kid had the next book in the series checked out so I had to wait a whole two weeks before I could read it. I would 10/10 recommend this book to anyone that likes reading about medieval things such as knights, kings, kingdoms and conquests. I have re-read this series many times and every time I read it again something new pops up to me, something I did not notice before and it also gives me a getaway from the real world.

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