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My second book for this independent reading stuff is “The Icebound Land”. This is the third book in the Ranger Apprentice series.

My general reaction to the book was one with mixed emotions. Along with the Scandinavians to betraying each other just to help Will and the Princess get away to fighting for the “throne”.¬† One of the things that really messed with my mind was when Will got addicted to warmweed. That is drug that the slaves used because it made them feel full and warm up in the cold and harsh climate. When Will was in a zombie state and all he wanted was warmweed was when I really thought that the end was near for Will.

I mostly read this book because the previous books were extraordinary and this could have only been better. Also because it was next in the series. I also knew this book would put me in its own world and I really like winter and snow, so all that stuff just got me hooked. I read a quick summary of it online and the plot itself was good enough to get anyone hooked.

I really liked the booked throughout the time I was reading it. There are really no dull or boring parts in this book. Even the side conversations between the character are interesting. There wasn’t anything negative about the book. The author did a great job with keeping the reader engaged and committed to the book. It is one of those books where you tell yourself “one more page” and then next thing you know its 2 a.m.

After the book I was a little shaken up. The events that unfolded throughout the chapters really kept me on edge and by the end I was legitimately worried about the characters well beings. I immediately went out to try and find the next book in the series.

I emphasized with the Princess in this book (sounds weird but hear me out). She went out of her way to help her friend (Will) and herself escape and survive. She did everything she could do and more, she cared more about his well being than her own. I feel as if I do that sometimes, during football if I knocked someone down or tackled them, I would immediately be helping them get back and asking if they’re good. That is definitely a weakness of mine. I am to nice.

I negatively emphasized with the Scandinavian trying to take over the Throne. He went out of his way to help the enemy take over his peoples land just so he could be in charge. Luckily he was caught in time. I just hate people that would harm others in any way to get what they want.

People should definitely  read this book. It literally puts you in a situation where you are forced to just keep reading to find out what happens next because you know you will not be able to sleep until you know. It is also a huge time passer. Over the winter break if you have nothing to do all then reading this will be so worth it. A new experience plus a boring day well spent. This book will make the reader want to read the other books and that means even more experiences and anxiety attacks.

This book was one of the best books I have ever read. It easily comes close to first (I do not know what my favorite book is). I read this during winter break and looking out and seeing the snow and imaging myself pushing a cart through that and doing all these other things really made me want to read more.


Independent reading Blog 1 of 2

My first book for independent reading was the second book in the Rangers Apprentice series, The Burning Bridge. This book was honestly one of the more boring ones up until when things got wild. When I say this one was boring, I mean to say not as interesting. It is still a really good but compared to the rest of the series, this book doesn’t hold up in the beginning. The ending is where all the action is at though. I was a little surprised in beginning when Will found the bridge that they were building because I didn’t think the Wargal’s were smart enough to think of that. I got really nervous and anxious when Will was creeping into the cave to spy on them. The slightest sound would have meant a horrifying death for the young ranger. It also would have been embarrassing considering the Rangers are considered the elite of the elite.¬† Another thing that really surprised me was when Will got kidnapped by the Scandinavians. Halt was shooting arrows at them at like 5 arrows per second and with a deadly amount of accuracy. I can’t even explain how accurate Halt is. The Scandinavians barely got away.

I mostly read the book because I love books that take place in Medieval times. All the King Arthur stuff and other things such as that. This is a great series to read during the winter. It just adds a different feel when you are reading. This book is also very engaging, there were multiple times where I forgot which world I lived in. I felt as if I was in the middle of the final fight and I felt the tension and anxiety that the characters were feeling.

I felt connected to Will the most out of everyone (but only at certain parts in the stories). He doesn’t like to disappoint others and feels the need to succeed at everything. He doesn’t stop until he gets the task the done and I could say that I am somewhat like that. If it is something that I know will benefit me or will help me in the future then I don’t stop until it is done. Tug (Will’s pony) is practically my spirit animal. He is just there along for the ride and steps in every once in a while to get some action. I really empathized negatively with the Scandinavians until I read further into the book and found out that they are in fact not a bad people. They respect Will due to his skill yet being just a young boy.

If you are the type of person that does not like to read entire series or books that take up a lot of time then this is not for you. This book is for someone who wants to go into an entirely different world. This book makes you feel exactly like the characters feel. If it is in the heat of the mines or a cold night you are guaranteed to get chills down your spine.

My overall reaction was kinda mad. The book ended in a massive cliff-hanger and some other kid had the next book in the series checked out so I had to wait a whole two weeks before I could read it. I would 10/10 recommend this book to anyone that likes reading about medieval things such as knights, kings, kingdoms and conquests. I have re-read this series many times and every time I read it again something new pops up to me, something I did not notice before and it also gives me a getaway from the real world.

Finishing my story


Well I started my first story then gave up on it and then changed literally everything. There really is no difference in my concepts besides a few small details being changed.The one I have right no has not changed much from the first to the initial copy. I have added another symbol into my story to add more tension in Mike’s mind so he would feel as if something was going to go terribly wrong. There are still a few more things being changed up due to the fact that they simply add no meaning to the story or don’t need to be there.

I think very highly of my story, if I wanted to and wasn’t occupied with other things, I would make my story a novel/script and sell it to Netflix. I personally think this could be turned into a wonderful movie that teens would watch at approximately 11 p.m. on a Friday night. There are few mistakes to it but those can be fixed easily but might not be because no story is good without a few mistakes.

There isn’t really anything that I don’t like about the story. The only thing would be Jonathan being killed off to quick.

I finished book 1 and it honestly changed me for the better. I really enjoyed the book even though I felt like it was judging me through every turn of the page. I am going to be reading a part of the Ranger’s Apprentice series, probably one of the later books in the series.

I liked my first book but also hated it so I am going to be reading something fiction to have a getaway for a while. I am also picking this book because a lot of my friends say it is a good book to read.