Short Story Writing

First off, this a lot of work due over fair week and it is kind of hard when most people work all fair.

I developed the idea of my story by looking back on previous stories I have read. This story is inspired from those stories and has different aspects of those stories in it. A lot of scenes in my story were thought of just by observing everyday things and recalling different parts of different movies. My table did not have a big influence but I took some of their ideas and modified them a little to fit my story.

The different activities we did helped influence the story in way and I changed a few small details here and there. They were not that big of help as I thought they would be. I feel as if the activities will come more in use during the end of my story.

My view on how to write a story has changed by a lot. There are a lot more things that go into writing a short story than I thought there were. Having to create a conflict that is short enough but also interesting enough so the reader does not get bored of it is a very hard thing to do. Trying to keep it a “short” story is the hardest part. Once you get writing, I feel like I could keep it going for pages on pages with different dialogue but with short stories the conflict has to end very quick.

My view was changed because after our assignment was assigned, I read a few more short stories and I noticed a lot more things involved in them. The climax was what I noticed the most out all the parts because not a=only is the easiest to find, but it is easier to notice when the main part of the starts to slowly die down. The first conflict is also very easy to find and analyze. After I learned about all the aspects that go into short story writing, my view on how they are made has been changed forever.

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