Short Story Writing

First off, this a lot of work due over fair week and it is kind of hard when most people work all fair.

I developed the idea of my story by looking back on previous stories I have read. This story is inspired from those stories and has different aspects of those stories in it. A lot of scenes in my story were thought of just by observing everyday things and recalling different parts of different movies. My table did not have a big influence but I took some of their ideas and modified them a little to fit my story.

The different activities we did helped influence the story in way and I changed a few small details here and there. They were not that big of help as I thought they would be. I feel as if the activities will come more in use during the end of my story.

My view on how to write a story has changed by a lot. There are a lot more things that go into writing a short story than I thought there were. Having to create a conflict that is short enough but also interesting enough so the reader does not get bored of it is a very hard thing to do. Trying to keep it a “short” story is the hardest part. Once you get writing, I feel like I could keep it going for pages on pages with different dialogue but with short stories the conflict has to end very quick.

My view was changed because after our assignment was assigned, I read a few more short stories and I noticed a lot more things involved in them. The climax was what I noticed the most out all the parts because not a=only is the easiest to find, but it is easier to notice when the main part of the starts to slowly die down. The first conflict is also very easy to find and analyze. After I learned about all the aspects that go into short story writing, my view on how they are made has been changed forever.

“High Performance habits”, It’s a life changer

First off, my book isn’t one of those books that takes you to a fantasy world that helps you forget your problems and makes you feel like you’re some knight in the medieval times. It’s not a story or some non-fiction novel. This book hits you hard and tells you to be someone you are not. It will make you feel like you have done nothing with you’re life and lower your self esteem. The author, Brendon Burchard, talks about the achievements and success of others. That not all, Brendon also talks about how they got to where they are, and how you could do something with your life. Most of the book tells you about things that you should already be doing and should already know. There are a lot of questions in the book that you should ask yourself. It makes you think about why you started a certain project or why you should go forward with building a business. Most people just think money when they think about starting a business. The questions in this book really go in depth and make you think twice and even thrice about what your future decisions will be. The author talks about the failures and losses that you face in life but at the same time teaches you on how to bounce back better and learn from those failures. One of my favorite quotes that best describes those few pages is”A lion takes 2 steps back before jumping forward”- Navneet Raju. As I was reading this book (this was last week), I thought “oh that easy” and “I can do that” but a week later I have made zero progress on any of that. This book is a big seller for one reason and one reason only. PEOPLE ARE LAZY, we know exactly what we need to do to succeed in life but we do not want to have to go through the hard work. When I was reading these life “tips”, I kept thinking to myself that I am saying I will start following these but deep down I knew that I would get caught up with other things or simply just forget what I have learned so far. Do I plan on re-reading this book and executing on this? Of course!

Impression on “The Devil and Tom Walker”

My initial reaction to this short story was double sided. On one end the story seemed to be very odd but near the end it started to slowly make sense and seem more normal in a way. When the Devil killed Tom’s wife, I was a little intrigued as to why he did so but afterwards I got a better understanding. It is somewhat similar to other books I have read in certain aspects. The whole “making a deal and reviving a gift that will cost you later” is seen in a lot of mythological books. It very different because it has a very dark setting. The place that Tom resides with his wife just seems very gloomy and saddening. It feels as if this book is almost in black and white. The society seems a little odd. It is mostly the area that is surrounding the society. I believe Washington Irving wrote this book to bring awareness to the issues that were current in his time. I feel as if the point he was trying to make was to not make promises and deals that you cant withhold. To not take what you cannot give back. I would add a more “sunny” feel to this story. It is way to gloomy for people to enjoy. Tom would have had to gotten lost and travel for days before he found the swamp. This way it would give a sense of anxiety. There would also be a companion that Tom has, perhaps a horse or a donkey. The companion would have had to die in the swamp, this would make the audience feel sorrow for Tom. After he declined the Devil the first time, I would have had Tom facing even more hardships in his life, it would’ve been to a point that he couldn’t bare it. After that Tom would have no choice but to accept the deal. That is when he lives life to the fullest until he starts losing everything one by one and that is when those words are said. That is when he would have been taken by the Devil.

A week of notes?!

Literally nothing changed in my mind after going over the Elements of Short Story notes. It just makes me think of all the complicated things that the author had to think of when he/she was making the story. One of the elements I see the most is Dilemma, it happens in most of the stories I read. The main character always finds a way out of it either way. Suspense is also a big one. It can be found everywhere and anywhere. It can be as little as”oh, who is going to come around the corner” to “and as Premington jumped off the building he…  To be continued”.

There is a big difference in just observing a story and participating in the audience. When your in the audience you can clap, laugh, express emotions out loud, while with just observing you are unable to do that. I prefer to be in the audience because some stories are interesting enough where they just make me say stuff or do stuff out loud.

I now kind of understand stories more now that I know what all is being put into them. It is a lot more broad now. I just now notice all the small aspects that go into making it. I always underestimated short stories because I thought that it takes about 20 minutes to make a decent size one but with fitting all the elements and returning the reader to their state of mind as it was before reading the story it takes a lot longer than I suspected.

Week 2 went by a lot faster than week 1 even though it was a full week.  Not much has changed but it feels as if we have been going to school for a few months now. There has been a lot more tests and homework. 11 grade is a lot more time consuming than I thought. The most interesting thing week was probably joining Student Council. Basketball workouts start again in a few days and that’ll keep me busy. This week one of my friends told me to look into baseball and maybe I might try it out.