First Week of school
I am trying out for the basketball team.

A breeze, it went by super fast. I was glad to see that I got a few classes with my friends and my desired lunch (7).  There really wasn’t much that was interesting that went on during the week. After the 3rd day it felt like we have been going to school for a few weeks now. The best thing that might have happened so far is during the first day I saw someone walking up the steps and his foot slid off the step and he fell. That gave me a good laugh, I’m not a bad person it was one of my friends.

I think I speak for anyone with a life when I say pre-tests are the worst thing about coming back to school, why do you need to know what I do/don’t know when you’re going to teach me the answers anyways? Also going back to using actual words takes getting used to. Slang kind of takes or our lives and then you forget what the actual words were.

I expect to have great grades, I mean all 98+’s, and make new friends. Now that I think about it a lot of other people might have the exact same goal. I also hope future me gets better at tennis because I’m thinking about joining the team. I want to teach Gordy (Mr. Perrys lizard) to wave to me. That is up there on my end of the year goal list.

As far as it goes for classes, it all depends on the type of teachers you have. If it’s a fun class like a health, some teachers could make it really fun while others turn it into a nap period. I have high hopes for American lit, Physics and Intro to Business. I feel like those classes could be really fun.

If there were any surprises than I didn’t notice them. I am hoping there will be more throughout the next few weeks.  

Now that I think about it, my week wasn’t as interesting or exciting as a ideal first week of school. Part of me expected it to be something like High School Musical. Overall it was pretty fun.