blog 20

When I first read “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”, I completely missed the whole thing joke and what was going on. I was really confused about why he kept going on about animals, but when I went back through I got the joke. I actually really liked the way this story was written. I […]


I have a lot of experience with satire and humor in my life. Personally, I like to joke about everything whether that’s through sarcasm or something else. If anyone knows me, they know I’m a very sarcastic person and I like to use humor a lot in a conversation. I never realized it before, but […]

The Fault In Our Stars Critique

For my Quarter 3 Independent Reading, I chose to read “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. I chose to read this book because I enjoyed many other John Green books and figured I would like this one as well. I also loved the movie and thought reading the book might be a good […]

blog 18

When I first learned that we would be watching the film “Vertigo”, I was excited to be watching a movie in class, but then again I never even heard of it. I knew it was an older film so I didn’t really have high expectations for it. After doing some research and learning more about […]

song of myself

Initially, I thought it was kind of odd for someone to be writing a poem about themselves. I’m definitely not a poet, but from my experiences of reading poetry, the majority of them have a deeper meaning about life or others. So, this one right off the bat had my interest. When we went through […]

blog 16

I somewhat agree with the statement that “the government is best which governs least”. I obviously don’t think a government should have total control. In my opinion, I don’t think their control should affect our personal lives much and prevent us from doing certain things. I also think for it to be considered a government […]

blog 15

Thoreau’s and Emerson’s thoughts are very similar. They both incorporate nature into their writing in some way. In Emerson’s work, he describes how nature is good for us and we can learn to be our true self with that. He goes on to say how with that comes acceptance and self-love. In Thoreau’s work, he actually spends […]

blog 14

My thoughts on argument definitely have changed over the course of this unit. Not only was this an interesting topic, but it was something that is actually going to be useful as we go through life. I enjoyed our debate and forming arguments. Luckily, I got a side that I personally agreed with so it […]

blog 13

The topic for my debate is the Death Penalty. I am arguing for it and that it should be legal. I would say that this is also my personal position on this topic and that I do lean more towards pro rather than con. I think that if someone murdered someone else and was rightfully […]

blog 12

Part 1: A current issue currently up for debate is arming teachers in response to school shootings. Should teachers be given weapons? This issue has been the subject for a lot of debate recently and there are a lot of opinions about it. One side says having teachers possess weapons will stop shooters looking for […]