blog 13

The topic for my debate is the Death Penalty. I am arguing for it and that it should be legal. I would say that this is also my personal position on this topic and that I do lean more towards pro rather than con. I think that if someone murdered someone else and was rightfully […]

blog 12

Part 1: A current issue currently up for debate is arming teachers in response to school shootings. Should teachers be given weapons? This issue has been the subject for a lot of debate recently and there are a lot of opinions about it. One side says having teachers possess weapons will stop shooters looking for […]

Franklin’s Virtue’s

I thought some of these virtues were harder to follow than others. Throughout the first couple of days of tracking my progress, I tried to keep the virtues in mind as much as I could. With my younger sister around silence was definitely an issue for me. I think throughout my school day I had […]

blog 10

When I first read the Dodo’s Conundrum I didn’t understand it at all. I thought this poem was hard to understand and I don’t know why. After a lot of reading and looking over it, I think the theme is that you shouldn’t dwell on what life isn’t when you can be making the most […]

no more poems!!

Honestly, I am so glad we are done writing poems. Mr. McGary, at this time I would like to thank you for not forcing us to write anymore because I’m going to be honest, it was rough. Anyway, when the poem unit was first introduced, a part of me was very scared. I never actually […]


I usually don’t like poetry or at least the poems we’ve learned about before. Surprisingly, I found the poems we’ve talked about in class somewhat toleratable. I liked the day that we just looked at different poems from the books and just saw what was out there. I actually enjoyed a lot of those poems. One […]

independent reading book two

For my second independent reading book I yet again chose another John Green book. Why do I do this to myself? Who knows. Maybe I liked getting tortured with endings I don’t really prefer but are somehow still good. Maybe I just love getting emotionally invested in a book to have it all just crush […]

independent reading book one

For my first book, I chose Looking for Alaska by John Green. I chose this book because I really like the fault in our stars and paper towns. Now, you see, I never read those books, but I watched the movies. I started with high expectations for both, considering I heard about how much people […]

finishing up my short story

My short story changed a lot over the course of writing it. At first, I was going with the whole haunted house idea and how the characters would get killed, but they wouldn’t know if the signs before were real or fake. I really liked this idea until I started to think about the details […]

short story

This blog probably will not the that interesting because I’m literally trying to spit it out before I go to the fair. Also, I got my nails done and now I can barely type so there’s that. My short story developed from my love for horror movies. Horror is literally the only genre of movies […]