Citizen Kane

Since I missed both days we started the film, I was a little lost when I watched the ending to it. So going through the movie I already knew the answer to the big question, but overall, I did enjoy the movie. At the beginning of it, I was a little bored, except for the part when he was a child and they basically took him away from his dad, that was not cool. Anyways, we soon so that that basically sets him up for an unhappy life. I thought it was interesting when he met Emily and Susan especially. He seemed like he was really trying to be happy and find love, but sadly it just never was working out for the poor guy. For me, I think it was a little weird when he found out that Susan could sing or well he wanted her to sing. She straight up told him she wasn’t good and he basically forced her to keep at it and pursue singing. I don’t know if he was trying to make her happy or what, but clearly she wasn’t having a good time. I also think it was a little ugly when she walked out on him and his little temper tantrum. I think that was a little hard to watch. I think the “American Dream” is to not have any cares about money and to never have to worry over financial issues. To this day that’s what a lot of people want in life, to live their “dream” life. This movie was commenting on how money can’t buy you happiness. You can have all the stuff in the world, but if you aren’t truly happy, it all means nothing. Clearly, we could see this as the film progresses. The word Rose Bud reminded him of his childhood when he was happy. He had so many people and things around him throughout his life, but somehow he always felt alone. As his life progressed he kept trying to find happiness. The newspaper was a big part of his life, but he always wanted more. Throughout the story, each person interviewed gives their version of Kane, a lonely man incapable of giving love. EventuallyKane loses his paper, fortune, friends, and second wife, Susan. All of these events impacted his quest for happiness.


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