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When I first read “TheĀ Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”, I completely missed the whole thing joke and what was going on. I was really confused about why he kept going on about animals, but when I went back through I got the joke. I actually really liked the way this story was written. I think by using the two different types of language style really brought the story to life as opposed to just writing it in the narrator’s sophisticated language. After finally understanding the joke behind the story, I picked up on where the humor and satire was and I really enjoyed it. I think the use of humor and satire in this story again, brought it to life and helped bring a comedic style into the story that’s fun for any reader to enjoy. The point of this short story was to not judge a book by its cover, much like the narrator did to Wheeler, and as we know, it didn’t end well for the narrator. I honestly don’t know much at all aboutĀ “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. I’ve heard of the book and it seems to be pretty popular, but I’ve never heard what it’s about or anything, but I’m anticipating that satire will be used in it, since that’s what we’re learning right now. Since I don’t really know much about the book, I don’t have a lot of thoughts as to what it will be like after reading, but I’m assuming I will probably have a better understanding of satire and the way it works. Honestly, I didn’t like the short film iMom. I thought it was super weird and I just question whoever even created that. Parenting and technology were being satirized in the film. I thought the whole overall idea of the short film was good, but I think it was just really far from realistic, so it kind of lost my attention until I saw a raw chicken in the baby crib.


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