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When I first learned that we would be watching the film “Vertigo”, I was excited to be watching a movie in class, but then again I never even heard of it. I knew it was an older film so I didn’t really have high expectations for it. After doing some research and learning more about the meaning of vertigo and how the movie was made, I became more interested. As we started to watch the movie I wasn’t really that into it, just because since it was older it didn’t grab my attention like I’m used to and I think the film had a slow start. As soon as we started to get to the interesting stuff I actually enjoyed it. I think for me, the part when Madeline checked in by the name of Caroletta and was looking at her picture was the part that really got me. I enjoy movies with plot twists, but at the same time, I try to predict them as I go. I did predict that Caroletta was probably a grandmother, which we find out later was her great grandmother, but I definitely wasn’t predicting the events that soon unfolded. The plot twist in the movie is what really sold me. Initially, I didn’t think it would be that good just because it was an older film. I thought the plot would be stereotypical and predictable, but it was exactly the opposite. I really don’t like Midge in the film at all. I don’t know why, but I wish she would just get the hint already because yeah, she cares about him, but she is just getting in the way. Also, I didn’t like that the film was that it got off to a slow start. I feel like some events needed to be more intense in order to really have my full attention. I would change this for a more modern audience. I think updated music would really help in this situation. The music for intense scenes was good for this time period, but for me, I think comparing it to other films I’ve seen, it just seems outdated and that’s all I focus on, rather than the actual event.


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