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I somewhat agree with the statement that “the government is best which governs least”. I obviously don’t think a government should have total control. In my opinion, I don’t think their control should affect our personal lives much and prevent us from doing certain things. I also think for it to be considered a government it needs to have some sort of control. I think they should control wider more national things in order to help society, but I don’t think total control is necessary. The main role of the government is to help the people as a whole. I think this is what should be in place and not total control on and individual level. I think the kind of government that commands our respect is the kind that is most beneficial to the people. If a government is so controlling to the point where we as individuals are affected through our day to day lives, I don’t think we should respect that. I also don’t think we should respect it if it is harming people rather than helping. I think we should respect a government that does what they can for the people without intruding too much. If they are affecting society in a positive way then we should respect that government. I think the role of civil disobedience is still in effect today. It obviously has been in place when people throughout history have protested. I has helped them in a positive way to get their views and movements across to the rest of society. I think today we can see this also affecting us. It is seen in movements across the nation and people’s voices are being heard because of it. It is still effective today, but I think it was more noticed when people first started opposing each other’s views. When something like that has never happened before, civil disobedience can play a big role in helping people share their views that might not be as accepted as they were before. I think this really started civil disobedience. It is still effective because the same ideas still apply.


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