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My thoughts on argument definitely have changed over the course of this unit. Not only was this an interesting topic, but it was something that is actually going to be useful as we go through life. I enjoyed our debate and forming arguments. Luckily, I got a side that I personally agreed with so it made it a little easier for me to argue for that side, but I liked how our debate wasn’t just about who we thought was right. It was more based on our arguments and how well we could support each side. I think as teenagers, we don’t always have the best arguments. I didn’t realize it before, but now looking back on when I’ve gotten into disagreements, I didn’t always have the best arguments. It’s kind of funny looking it things like that from a different perspective now. I think as for my peers, they are about the same. We all construct our arguments from our opinion, but we rarely have the evidence to support it and convince our audience the right way. When you think about it, most adults are actually the same way. Yes, I think they might be more professional about an argument, but even at times, I think their arguments aren’t the best as well. As for developing an argument, I’ve learned that knowing your audience helps. If you are trying to persuade highschoolers that your side is best, you need to use that and learn how to relate your argument to them. I also learned throughout this unit that using things like logical and emotional approaches are helpful rather than just saying you’re right. You need the evidence to back it up, or its not going to matter who’s right and who’s wrong. Developing a persuasive speech was actually quite difficult for me. Even though we didn’t get the chance to argue in class, even coming up with a speech while having the time to sit there and actually think of it was difficult. For me, it was challenging to keep in mind the different fallacies, while I was trying to make an argument that I was right. Overall, my thoughts and understanding of argument were definitely changed over the course of this unit.


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