blog 16

I somewhat agree with the statement that “the government is best which governs least”. I obviously don’t think a government should have total control. In my opinion, I don’t think their control should affect our personal lives much and prevent us from doing certain things. I also think for it to be considered a government […]

blog 15

Thoreau’s and Emerson’s thoughts are very similar. They both incorporate¬†nature into their writing in some way. In Emerson’s work, he describes how nature is good for us and we can learn to be our true self with that. He goes on to say how with that comes acceptance and self-love. In Thoreau’s¬†work, he actually spends […]

blog 14

My thoughts on argument definitely have changed over the course of this unit. Not only was this an interesting topic, but it was something that is actually going to be useful as we go through life. I enjoyed our debate and forming arguments. Luckily, I got a side that I personally agreed with so it […]