blog 10

When I first read the Dodo’s Conundrum I didn’t understand it at all. I thought this poem was hard to understand and I don’t know why. After a lot of reading and looking over it, I think the theme is that you shouldn’t dwell on what life isn’t when you can be making the most […]

no more poems!!

Honestly, I am so glad we are done writing poems. Mr. McGary, at this time I would like to thank you for not forcing us to write anymore because I’m going to be honest, it was rough. Anyway, when the poem unit was first introduced, a part of me was very scared. I never actually […]


I usually don’t like poetry or at least the poems we’ve learned about before. Surprisingly, I found the poems we’ve talked about in class somewhat toleratable. I liked the day that we just looked at different poems from the books and just saw what was out there. I actually enjoyed a lot of those poems. One […]