independent reading book two

For my second independent reading book I yet again chose another John Green book. Why do I do this to myself? Who knows. Maybe I liked getting tortured with endings I don’t really prefer but are somehow still good. Maybe I just love getting emotionally invested in a book to have it all just crush me in the end anyway. I chose An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Again, I’m not really sure why I chose this book. I really like the writing style of John Green books and I think they are easy to read so that could be why. Also, the cover of the book looked pretty, so there’s that. Going into this book I definitely had the expectation of really loving it, then being crushed at the end. While reading this book I began to love the character Collin Singleton. Although, in the beginning, it was hard to relate to him, I think his character was something different that I haven’t seen before. He has a thing for girls named Katherines and dated 19 of them to be exact. So right off the bat, I didn’t think I could relate to or enjoy this character. While Collin spends his time with Linsey, he begins to like her. Going into this story, I kind of saw this coming anyway. In my opinion, the story would’ve been very good if he just met another Katherine. I’m not sure if the author intended to do this, but having all the girls in his past love life have the exact same name was symbolizing the fact that they are all the same and there wasn’t really anything special about any of them. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. As this story progressed, I began to love Collin’s character more and more and realized he is actually pretty relatable despite some of his features. I mean in the beginning of the story he went on a road trip because he was depressed about a recent breakup. I think a lot of teenagers especially can relate to being upset about a guy or girl. Lindsey finds out that her boyfriend, also named Collin cheated on her. But she was almost relieved instead. Her and Collin shared a moment in a secret hideout of her’s while Collin proceeded to tell her about all the Katherines he’s ever loved before. Eventually, they confess their love for each other. I was almost proud of Collin in this moment because he realized that his love was more than just for Katherines despite his past.  My favorite part of this part of the story was when Collin calculated how long his relationship with Lindsey would last. It said 4 days and exactly 4 days later Lindsey slid a note under Collin’s door saying she could not be his girlfriend because she was in love with Hassan. When I read this, my mind automatically went back to “here’s the bad ending again” because honestly, that would’ve been such a bad ending. Like not even a good bad ending just a straight up bad one. I was relieved when I read that it was just a joke. I would definitely recommend this book. This one to my surprise had actually a really good ending and I was very happy with it. I also think there is a good message behind this story. Since Collin is a prodigy, he feels the need to calculate everything and know the outcome. He realized in the end that that can’t be the case for everything. His calculations cannot predict something, but rather explain why something didn’t work out. The story ends with the message of keep moving forward in life and I think that is a good message to hear especially for teenagers that could be going through the same thing.


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