finishing up my short story

My short story changed a lot over the course of writing it. At first, I was going with the whole haunted house idea and how the characters would get killed, but they wouldn’t know if the signs before were real or fake. I really liked this idea until I started to think about the details of it. Why would this character kill them? Or like was there too much going on in the story? My second idea was still that concept, but the character killing would actually be friends with them. After some brainstorming, I came up with the idea that the killer would be obsessed with the main character. I really liked this idea and based my rough draft around it. While reading through my rough draft, I realized there was way too much going on. It didn’t make sense with why other haunted house workers would kill the characters. In my opinion, the whole haunted house idea was taking away from what I was actually to portray throughout the story. So I ended up scratching that idea and making my setting a Halloween party. I think now the reader can pay attention to more details and foreshadowing that will better their understanding of my story. For book two of quarter one, I want to read Linger, it is the second book to a series that I never finished, but enjoyed. Or my other option was a Stephen King novel, but as I’ve been told that reading level may be too low. I really enjoyed my first book. I always liked John Green books because the endings were unexpected at least for me. I usually don’t like the endings, as with this one, but I love the rest of the book, so it’s a love-hate relationship I guess. The “Shiver” series is a similar style to John Green books, so I’ll either go with that or something else to switch it up.

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