independent reading book two

For my second independent reading book I yet again chose another John Green book. Why do I do this to myself? Who knows. Maybe I liked getting tortured with endings I don’t really prefer but are somehow still good. Maybe I just love getting emotionally invested in a book to have it all just crush […]

independent reading book one

For my first book, I chose Looking for Alaska by John Green. I chose this book because I really like the fault in our stars and paper towns. Now, you see, I never read those books, but I watched the movies. I started with high expectations for both, considering I heard about how much people […]

finishing up my short story

My short story changed a lot over the course of writing it. At first, I was going with the whole haunted house idea and how the characters would get killed, but they wouldn’t know if the signs before were real or fake. I really liked this idea until I started to think about the details […]