short story

This blog probably will not the that interesting because I’m literally trying to spit it out before I go to the fair. Also, I got my nails done and now I can barely type so there’s that. My short story developed from my love for horror movies. Horror is literally the only genre of movies I watch so that was really what drove me to write a short story involving it. I feel like my short story would be so much better as a movie, but I guess writing it will have to do until I can get in touch with someone that can make it blow up. My story is about a group of teenagers that all get invitedĀ to go to this Halloween festival. It seems pretty sketchy, but of course, in the group, there are some stupid characters who think its a good idea. When they get there things start happening to them and they feel like they are being watched, but most of them don’t really think anything of it since it is Halloween. They all end up getting terrorized the whole night. So the big question is who is doing this to them? Well, the find out in the end that one of their friends actually was not their friend and he made his way into the friend group to get closer to this girl. So he’s obsessed with her and literally psychotic and thinks that killing them will bring them closer. That probably did not make any sense but that it basically my story. The activities actually affected my story a lot. At first, I was going do to something like he’s the kid that gets bullied so he decides to put an end to it, but I thought that was way too cliche and kind of predictable. Horror movies are usually predictable, but I feel like this ending is the least predictable. Usually, when writing something I just start typing and go wherever it takes me. With the way we broke down our stories, I feel like my idea is well thought out and I know where exactly to include different ideas that will foreshadow the ending.


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