It’s Really Not That Bad, Y’all

It’s hard to stow away the eighth grade war flashbacks, but poetry isn’t as bad as I thought. To my own surprise, I’m liking this better than the short story unit. I must’ve experienced some character development because I’m actually happy to hear we’re writing more than one poem, and I was legit excited when we got to choose our “like” poems. I McFreaking love Billy Collins. Mmmmmmm.

Eldorado sucks though, not gonna lie. Not even because of the scars Poe left on my soul. It’s too rhythmic for its own good, and I feel 4 stanzas is just too short. It’s suspiciously tied up in a perfect little poetry bow. And, I don’t know, death is always cool but I just didn’t enjoy analyzing it. As usual, discussing it as a class made things a bit clearer. I guess that’s why we gotta share this stuff with each other.

This unit is also going to make me feel very stupid. I am absolute trash at figuring out the meanings of these poems! I suppose I’m in the process of learning, but this is the kind of work I tend to fall behind everyone else in. I work hard and my report card is shiny, but dang, I cannot read between the lines to save my life. I will miss the most obvious of clues.

As for my poem, I plan on writing about a toxic relationship. I’m drawing from past experiences to write this, and I have the pleasure of being on both ends of that deal. I know I should take inspiration from my chosen poem, but Tom Rosenthal really has me going. What I write is gonna hit home. Until the plot twist comes, of course, which is for you to find out.

Oh, also, I hate rhythm. I was gone when y’all discussed the u / thing but my brain still can’t tell what’s stressed and what’s not. I’ll probably take a musical approach anyways and figure out the rhythm afterwards. After all, I have written two bumpin’ raps from World Cultures last year. It’s so easy to just write in triplets with some ABCB or ABAB goin’ on. That way I could basically write normal sentences and just worry about the rhymes, but that’s just the raps.

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