Civil Disobedience

From Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”, there is something about the quote,  “that government is best which governs least” is something that I don’t quite agree with or totally disagree with.  Though I do agree with that there should be citizen opinions within our government’s decisions, I believe there still should be restriction and control over the country’s/state’s government so total chaos breaking out. The role of government is to facilitate the well being of the countries/states citizens. It can help maintain financial stability, safety, the rights of citizens,  and maintaining laws. The role that government has in relation to the individual citizen is to protect human rights and individual rights. Each individual’s human needs are meant to be meet, this can include healthcare, social programs, food banks, and education. The citizen’s lives should be held at high importance. When Thoreau states, Thoreau states that “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it. . .”,  a government that would obtain my respect would be one that takes the citizens’ opinions into consideration. The government should still have laws in place to maintain peace, but they shouldn’t have too much control over the citizens, so they have the freedom to live a fulfilling life. Civil disobedience has a tremendous impact on today’s society. There are laws that the citizens want to be put in place so they can have the freedom to do as they will. And this is still effective even today with many protesting in the streets for their cause they believe in, fighting for their rights with their voices. With these protests, many new laws have been put in place to expand the rights that we can have within our country. The whole idea of Transcendentalism and how this excerpt ties in is really interesting to me. I’ve been enjoying this section quite a lot, which was something I wasn’t expecting to happen when I saw all of the work we had gotten in the beginning. I can’t wait to dive into the next assignments for this topic and learn more and more about this social movement.

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Readings on Transcendentalism

The main connection that we see between Thoreau’s and Emerson’s thoughts is that we can live a fulfilling life with nature. In Emerson’s work, he talks about how we can find this delight within ourselves or within the harmony of man and nature. We would be able to break the chains of society and become one with God. In Thoreau’s work, when we live within nature for a long period of time, we can disconnected from our society and live the life we were created to. Are lives would become more simplistic and we wouldn’t have to worry about the pressure of society. The main idea of the first portion of the excerpt, “Where I Lived and What I Lived For”,  is  the positive side of living within nature. We can create a new life that would be free and uncommitted unlike in society where we would fall into the fads that have been put in place for us to follow.  The main conclusion of the excerpt, “The Conclusion”, is the downside to living in a natural setting for so long. Thoreau stated that he had developed routines as time passed on and the life he was living became committed. The benefits of Thoreau’s experiment of leaving society behind is that people will be able to see how it has affect someone and benefits and downsides to what would happen abandoning your normal lifestyle. I would probably miss the people I would usually be surrounded by on a day-to-day basis. I feel that I would start to become lonely being out there by myself, just like Thoreau had done. Even though I would have that worry, I would be down to try this out sometime in my life. It has always been a dream for me to live out in the middle on the woods and not be surrounded by the hustle of the average lifestyle. I think that modern readers should take from this that its not necessary to have all the newest things. We live in a society surrounded with new technology and trends that everybody tries to follow. Transcendentalism teaches us that we don’t need everything to live a fulfilling life.

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Coming to a Close on Debates

Throughout our lesson on arguing and debating, my thoughts on arguments hasn’t changed too much since the beginning of learning the section, but there is still some considerable change. The reason why I had got into arguments hasn’t changed, if the topic is something I have a strong connection to then I will defend my side. From time to time I will argue over small, silly things, but I don’t get involved often since I’m a type of person who doesn’t like to get involved with arguing in the first place. Though now I do have a better understanding on the way I should argue. Sometimes I get frustrated and fed up when I’m in a “heated” debate and my arguments would become more opinionated and were developed out of that frustration. Then again, I usually keep my opinions to myself, so when they do come out its like a jumble of emotion and nonsense. I also learned that it is incredibly important to develop a valid argument while you are debating. There had been many times where I had gotten into mini debates and our arguments were not valid. Looking back at my thoughts at the beginning compared to how they are now, there has been a change in thought. The biggest thing that has changed for me is the way I argue. I now try to think logically instead of letting my opinions and emotions get the best of me and possibly ruin my side of the argument. When we were assigned to write a persuasive speech for our debate, I struggled with creating something that I felt would be strong enough to use for an actual debate against an opponent. I took me awhile to find statistics and information for my topic that wasn’t opinionated. After that it wasn’t too hard, it’s just that sometimes I’m awful at trying to prove my side right. Overall, even though I was not thrilled at the idea of debating against one another, I enjoyed learning how to debate properly. I never knew how to argue properly before, so maybe I can have a chance this time in winning a small debate once.

I’m Going To Get Pummeled

For our debate, I had pulled the topic of free college tuition and I was assigned to take the con side. I don’t agree with the side I am assigned to, but I feel that I will have more information that could give me an advantage in my debate. Though in the past I have realized that sometimes it is easier to choose the opposing side because it could have more supporting evidence. I know that in the earlier days, people were able to go to community colleges without having to pay for them since a small percentage or students went. As the enrollment rate increased throughout the years, the states started making attendees pay for their tuition after the states’ funds slowed down from the sudden increase. The price for tuition increases higher and higher over the years to present day. The price has made it impossible for some students to even attend college because they can’t afford it. The only reason I know the origin of this topic prior to researching our debate topics is that one day I was curious since I heard about free college tuition during a congressional debate. When you search free community college tuition into Google, you get many results of why we should have free tuition in the states. There are some articles sprinkled here and there on why it would be hard to keep up with the free tuition. My logical approach would be to find statistics of graduation rates to show that money would be wasted due to young adults dropping out. An ethical issue regarding the topic would be that many taxpayer wouldn’t benefit from paying for the tuition. The emotions of anger and resentment can be brought into play since some of these taxpayers don’t want to pay for something that they’ll get no benefit from and that they might have not had the same opportunity that young adults do now. I am quite excited to do this debate, but I do get anxious easily when trying to speak in front of other. We’ll see what will happen when time comes.

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Discussion About College

One of the first ideas that came to mind to debate over is college education. I know there is a argument now and days that it’s not worth going to college anymore. One side believes that continuing your education in college is worth it while the other side believes you don’t have to further your education after high school. The pro college side’s main argument is that it broadens your career opportunities. There are only a select amount of jobs that you can get without or with a high school diploma. With getting an associate, bachelors, masters, and or a doctorate degree in your desired field, you are able to get an advanced understanding and a greater chance of excelling in you career of choice.  The con college side’s main argument is that it’s too expensive to extend your education and your able to still excel in your career without having to go. Many people are starting to use social media to gain fame and earn a living  off of sponsorships and ad revenue. Even though I do believe that there are many successful individuals who have risen to the top in social media, I believe that it’s still a good course of plan to go to college. It creates a secure future and you become more qualified for your field of study. Also college graduates, on average, earn a better pay than those who only completed high school.
The year 2019. The beginning of each year is supposed to be a fresh start to accomplish your resolutions. Yeah… that’s not how it works for me. At one in the morning on New Years Day I was shoving an unhealthy amount of Goldfish in my mouth while playing Overwatch and Rocket League for hours on end. Anyways, the beginning of the school year was actually better than I expected. I was pushing myself to do work since I had marching band and tennis going on at the same time, never having much time at home to complete it. I never had any issues with homework and I made sure to have them done early. I thought that maybe this year would not turn into the years before… HA. I have drifted down the same crappy pattern I have every year. I start losing motivation to do anything after the marching band and tennis season end. I often take naps when I get home from school since I’m exhausted and I wait till last minute to submit assignments. Though I do work well under pressure,  I want to try to change this. I get distracted quite easily so I have to lock myself in my room and become a hermit to be able to accomplish anything. The only thing that would prevent me from doing this would be my mother. She calls my name anytime I’m out of her sight for more than 30 seconds. I can never work on anything in peace because she constantly asks questions on what I’m doing every couple of minutes. I love her to death, but I would like some time to myself so I can complete my homework at a moderate pace in peace.

15 Virtures

After looking at my results from the end of the week, I’m not surprised to see my most violated virtues are Silence, Order, and Loving Yourself. Throughout the process of logging each and everyday day, I got to see some stuff that I would have never thought I would have violated. I realized that I start many projects and abandon them, never really touching them again. It’s like I get this spurt of motivation to start the project but it slowly fades away over time. This is a problem that I’ve had  for awhile but I have never truly fixed, because every time I tried it would end up like every other ending: untouched. Two of the original virtues that I violate on a day to day basis is Silence and Order. I’m usually a quiet and reserved person when I’m alone or surrounded by people I normally don’t talk to. But when I’m with friends or family…I change into a completely different person. I become a lot more bubbly and talkative, and the subject in those conversations can vary; from an important discussion about colleges to how I saw an incredibly adorable German Shepherd puppy on the way home from school (and it cocked its head in curiosity as it watched me walk away and it made my heart break in two from happiness).  Most of the time the conversations I start aren’t quite important so I’ll try to cut back on those a bit (though they are enjoyable). And Order. Oh boy. This one it a doozy. From my schedule of plans to my room, I am very disorganized. I never try to fix it unless there is a motive; either someone is coming over and I have to clean or there is a form that I have to turn in and I have no idea where I had placed it. I’ve been like that from a young age though, so its something that I would have to work on relentlessly to fix. A virtue that my group had create and I had broken everyday was Loving Yourself. I believe this is a very valuable virtue, but at the same time I struggle with following it. There is always something about myself that I want to change, but most of the time it centralizes back to the same theme: I’m not good enough. No matter how hard I try to change myself I feel like I’m still not up to par with people’s expectations. But it’s okay if you have quirks or things that make you different from others, because that it you. You are a person who is completely unique and should show your own personality and style. That’s something I’ve had struggled with for a long time and still do, but I know now that it’s okay to be a bit different from everyone else.

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Back To Analyzing Poems

When I read “The Dodo’s Conundrum” for the first time, lets say I was more or less confused. The poem switched between free verse and the structured stanzas and there was a different feel to them every time they switched. After rereading the poem a couple times I started to understand what the theme was for the poem. It’s about the author looking over his own model world and seeing how perfect it is, while in reality the world is chaotic and broken. When the stanzas have form, it represents the structure of his own model word and how uniform it is. Then when the stanzas are free verse, it represents how disorganized the real world is. They only thing that I’m still quite stumped about is the title of the poem. I know that the Dodo was a flightless bird that became extinct due to the sailors killing it because of it being a easy source of food (I only know that because of a project I had to do on a extinct animal in first grade). It also is used as a slang word for something being outdated or dead. I believe that the title could be referring to how in a perfect world we don’t have to adapt to our surroundings. While in a disorganized world, we have to fight and adapt to the changing world around us. This is a very similar thing that happened to the Dodo bird. It had no threat of predators surrounding  it so it didn’t develop the skill of flight needed as a source of escape. When the sailors came, they didn’t feel threatened and if they sensed harm they couldn’t fly away to escape. It would try to waddle as fast as it could instead. I don’t think the questions in the Sound and Sense were easier to answer than the ones for “Eldorado”. At all. I was finding myself putting “no example” for a couple of my answers, even though I did try to look for them over and over. I don’t think writing poetry has helped me much in analyzing the poem. Even though I quite enjoy writing poetry, I think I’ll always dread when I have to analyze any poem.

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A Weight Off My Shoulders

It’s a relief to not have to write anymore poems for now. I would always be stressed if the rhythm was off or finding the right wording so I would have an easier time rhyming at the end of each verse. They way that I look at poetry hasn’t changed too much since the beginning of this lesson. Though is do enjoying reading them, it can be a pain to analyze some of the poems that are given. When given the requirements for our poems, it gave me a whole new respect for many of theses poets. Some of the rhyme and rhythm within these poems are so complex that I don’t understand why someone would put that stress upon themselves but they probably quite enjoy writing these complex works of literature. The way I approached the second poem that was different from my first poem was that I chose a topic that was easier for me to put into words. The first poem I struggled with the topic I choose and how I wanted the layout to set within the poem, and it just turned out terrible. The second time I chose a topic that was fresh in my mind that I was quite excited about, and it became a lot quicker to come up with ideas for the layout. And that topic was, of course, the Christmas season. For some reason when Christmas comes around it feels like this mood of warmth and comfort sets in even though I’m not fond of the shorter, darker days. It perks me up and distracts me from day-to-day stresses. I’m not sure why but it does. Anyways, I think imagery is an amazing thing to pair with poetry. It can help the reader visualize and interpret what is happening within the text or give them an idea of what they can comes up with themselves. I can help paint the story if the reader is struggling to find the deeper meaning within the poem itself. Another interesting thing would be to see illustrations from different artists to see how they have interpreted the work of poetry themselves.

The Pain and Agony of Writing Poems

I really love poetry. I do. It’s just the way that it was taught to us in eight grade kind of ruined it for me a bit. It became more of a burden than being enjoyable. Most of the poems that we read were very bland and many of them didn’t interest me. We did read a couple of Poe’s works, which weren’t bad, but I despised The Bells with a passion. I understand what the poem is trying to do, but when you teacher asks you to analysis each and every verse in it, you kind of get sick of it. I wish they could change the way poetry is taught to eight graders, because I believe that many of them would really enjoy it then instead of dreading reading them. The poem of Eldorado was one that I actually quite enjoyed. Most of Poe’s works are quite dark and depressing but the beginning of this one  was more hopeful for a change. I also really liked our discussion of the poem in class. When I first saw the Sound and Sense document I wasn’t too thrilled with doing another analysis of a poem since I’ve had a rough past with doing them. But when filling out the document, it actually helped me understand the poem a lot better than what I thought it to be at first. Finding a theme for my poem took me a really long time to think about. I really wanted to have an upbeat theme to it but there was nothing that could think that had that sort of mood. After being told that you should try to write about something you have experienced, I started to come up with new ideas. But the thing is none of them were still stuff that I was thrilled writing about. After a long time of just staring blankly into space, I finally came up with an idea that I was content with: Friendships. My poem mostly describes my past friendships that I have had; the good and the ugly. I hope that it conveys itself through the text and that I don’t butcher it too much.

Second Book of the Quarter

So originally I had wanted to read The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin, but as I got half way through I couldn’t find the motivation to read the rest of it since I could not get into the story. So I decided to pick a book that is the total opposite of my original  choice.  Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini. I really wanted to read this since I have already read Vizzini’s other book, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and I really enjoyed it. Another reason why I was excited to read this was because of the musical based off the original book. I was wondering if there was going to be a difference between the original and the new musical’s story. I became obsessed with the music and the plot of the musical that I hoped that it would be similar to the original work of the book. Just like Vizzini’s other work, I had enjoyed reading this from beginning to end. During the start of the book, the story was set up the same way as the musical. Our main protagonist, Jeremy Heere, is a nerdy student struggling to stay alive within the school ranks. But as I got to the middle of the book, everything is completely different then the musical. In the book, Jeremy meets Rich at the school dance and learns about the Squip. He finds out about the dealer so him and his best friend Michael go on a hunt to buy it. In the musical, Rich is still the one to mention the Squip to him but the process is completely different. The biggest difference is the complete ending of both stories. In the book, the Squip ruins Jeremy’s chance with Christine and they write the Be More Chill book to hopefully make up for the Squips mistake. In the musical, the Squip ends up taking control of the whole drama club and Jeremy has to stop it before it takes more victims. The character that empathized with while reading would have to be Michael Mell. He has the same interests as Jeremy does but has a completely different personality. He is a caring friend who would drop anything he is doing to help out Jeremy when he is in need. Even though Jeremy uses him throughout the story and ends up ditching him, Michael comes back to help him no matter what. I really connected with that trait Michael has for caring for others even though they might not be in the best of spots. This is definitely another book that I would recommend for someone else to read. It’s a book about being your true self instead of trying to change yourself to fit in with everyone else.